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support of 10 euros on the gas cylinder

Find out how it works and for whom the State contribution of 10 euros per cylinder of gas, per month.

The general increase in the cost of living and especially in energy prices are having a very significant impact on household budgets. The most recent measure by the Government of not prolonging the maximum price limit regime for bottled gas has worsened this situation. It is recalled that, since November, resellers have been able to freely set prices for the sale of bottled gas to the public.

Even so, to mitigate this increase in the energy bill, the Government again launched the Solidarity Bilhar Program?? which provides support of 10 euros per bottle, per month, to the most needy families?? This support went into effect on October 20th and ends in December 2022. Find out if you are entitled

Solidarity Bilhar Program: who is it for?

Support from the Solidarity Bilha Program is intended for beneficiaries of the social electricity tariff or one of the following minimum social benefitss:

Is support automatic? What should I do to get it?

Support from the Solidarity Bilhar Program it’s not automatic. Incidentally, the support of 10 euros per bottle, per month, is paid in cash face to the presentation of the documents that we list below.

if it is beneficiary of the social energy tariff You must go to the Parish Council of your area of ​​residence and present the following documents:

  • Electricity bill proving that you are a beneficiary of the social tariff;
  • Receipt containing the NIF of the electricity contract holder, beneficiary of the social tariff, dated September, October, November or December 2022, and proving the purchase of the LPG bottle;
  • Citizen’s card or passport of the electricity contract holder.

in case it is beneficiary of social benefits referred to will have to present a document proving receipt of the social benefit in question with reference to the previous month or the month of support; the receipt for the purchase of the gas bottle and the identification documents of the holder of the minimum social benefit.

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