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Supertransporte fines Cabify, Beat and DiDi for more than $1,700 million • ENTER.CO

More than 1,700 million pesos will have to pay the Cabify, Beat and DiDi platforms as a fine imposed by the Superintendence of Transport. The reason for this sanction is because Supertransporte considered that the three applications “facilitate non-compliance with transport regulations in the country.”

According to the statements of the Superintendent of Transportation, Wilmer Salazar, collected by El Espectador, these Apps do not directly provide the transport service with individuals, but they do facilitate this to happen. Therefore, they are responsible for the breach of the Colombian regulations that govern this matter.

The arrival of Uber in Colombia 10 years ago opened the debate regarding this type of service. The main complaint comes from the taxi driver’s union is that this type of platform negatively impacts supply and demand. Of course, the lack of regulation has been corrected by the authorities with fines, sanctions and prohibitions on transport applications.

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Cabify was one of the first to react to the fine imposed by Supertransporte. In a statement, she confirmed that she was notified of the sanction and said that she will exercise her right to defense since it is an administrative act of first instance. Cabify’s commitment is to provide a safe and reliable service, backed by technology and, for this, they hope to continue working transparently with the authorities.

Supertransporte revealed that this investigation against the platforms was carried out for 18 months and collected 3,700 pages of evidence. In the coming weeks, a similar sanction could be activated against Uber because a consolidation of necessary evidence is also being carried out. Sanctions of this type show that it is necessary to advance a regulation. Colombia has had several attempts such as various bills presented to Congress. The proposals seek to level the playing field between taxi drivers and application drivers.

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