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Superstitions and charms used by lottery winners

Have you ever wondered what lottery winners do to get lucky? There are many practices carried out by gamblers in games of chance to get lucky, it is about superstitions and amulets that could be very strangenot so for those who believe in their power.

A quarter of American adults admit to believing or practicing some superstition and it is that, according to experts, behind these practices is the desire to control our destiny, and adopting a ritual can alleviate the state of stress, according to The Lotter, citing Gallup polls and psychologists from the University of Kansas.

In this sense, perhaps having a superstition, grandfather or ritual of luck could not influence the result of the draw, but it could influence the choice of the numbers that lead us to the jackpot. Here’s what superstitious practices lottery players engage in, according to The Lotter.

Lucky numbers

The most superstitious players choose numbers with a hidden meaning. For example, 7 is one of the most chosen because it is associated with positivism, spiritual wisdom and the universe. Another widely used number is 8, since in numerology it is associated with wealth and infinite power. In contrast, the number they avoid the most is 13 because they consider it to be unlucky..

Always choose the same numbers

This custom is deeply rooted in the most recurrent players in the lottery. They always choose the same number, whether it is their day, month or year of birth, or the number that once meant something positive to them.

Lucky charms

There are an infinity of lucky charms, after all, the experts on the subject say that any object can become your talisman. There are players who wear the same clothes when they choose their numbers, they bring with them a key, lock, coin or 4-leaf clover to have more luck.

Dream interpretation

Many players believe receive through dreams the winning numbers. Although they do not visualize the figures exactly, they choose them according to the number of repetitions that they see a thing, animal, person or object and give it a meaning. For example, many believe that dreaming of a bull is good luck.

The odd and even numbers to buy tickets

A very curious superstition consists of the day of the month to buy the ticket. If it is an even day and there is a line to get the ticket, you have to wait to the right of the line, if it is an odd line to the left.

Enter the store with the right foot

Like soccer players when they enter the field of play with the right foot to get lucky, lottery players believe that entering the premises where they will buy the ticket with the right foot will bring them more luck. In the same way, they prefer that the seller gives them the ticket with the right hand.

rub the ticket

Many superstitious people rub boletus on the belly of a pregnant woman, the back of a hunchback or on the back of a cat because they say it brings them luck.

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