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Supersociedades website continues down after cyber attack • ENTER.CO

Since last June 24, the page of the Colombian Superintendency of Companies (Supersociedades), when they announced through their twitter account that their information systems would be in maintenance. Due to this, the technological platform would be disabled until June 28. So, on his page it was read that his technology team had detected problems that “prevented the full provision of services, restricting the ability to attend to the different activities optimally.”

Said like this, the mercantile procedures and those of insolvency and intervention were paused. The terms for administrative and disciplinary procedures and procedures carried out by Supersociedades in Bogotá and all the intendencies were also paused. It was expected that these processes would be resumed on June 28, the date set by the entity, however, this was not the case. In exchange, Supersociedades issued a new resolution.

In the resolution they argued that the maintenance had been initiated thanks to “an extraordinary incident in the entity’s computer systems, an unforeseen event that made it impossible to provide its services.” Although they did not give more details about it, Forbes magazine was able to determine yesterday, July 5, that the entity had been the victim of a cyber attack. The entity explains that the hackers did not manage to seize any data. However, the entity is reviewing equipment by equipment to confirm that there was no theft or any other type of risk.

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“Experts tell us that this was an “incident” that did not progress to a cyberattack. However, for prevention, the systems are being reviewed”, they commented from the entity’s communications office to Forbes. The entity even issued a new resolution dated July 5 where they announced that the system continued in the extraordinary corrective maintenance phase “in a synchronized manner, carrying out a gradual activation that requires use tests that guarantee the correct functioning of the systems” .

For the moment, the Supersociedades website remains disabled with an opening date of July 10. So, if you need to file a document for any process that you carry out in the Supersocieties, you must do it in person. Remember that for this you must bring the original document and the copy between the hours of 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

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