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Super Bowl 2023: what time does Rihanna’s show start, possible setlist, guests and more

Rihanna will be in Super Bowl 2023.

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The SSuper Bowl 2023 between the Eagles and the Chiefs is just around the corner, That is why many fans are willing to buy the ticket, which has a high price, to say present at the State Farm Stadium of the Arizona Cardinals, in the city of Glendale, Arizona. However, many others mean present because of Rihanna’s show at halftime of the NFL grand finale.

In the 2023 Super Bowl all the fans and the not-so-followers of the NFL will have the presence of the singer from Barbados, Rihanna, who will have a central position in the most important sporting event of the month of February.

Rihanna halftime show time

The meeting between Eagles and Chiefs Super Bowl is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. (local Arizona time)it is for this reason that in the middle of the game, Around 3 hours, the world-renowned singer will take the stage, at a time close to 6:00 pm (local time).

Times of the Super Bowl halftime show in the United States:

As we have said, for the United States (local Arizona time) is estimated to be 6:00 pm Furthermore, in the California time, the sporting event would be around 5:00 pm Finally, if you are in Miami must wait until 8:00 pm

Rihanna setlist expected for Super Bowl halftime

for now It is still not completely certain what songs Rihanna will perform at halftime of the Super Bowhe. However, it is expected that during the 15 minutes of free time, in which the players will recover and strategize for the second part of the game, interpret your best of your repertoire.

In addition, during musical time, also will have as a guest Jay-Z, rapper and partner of Beyoncé, with whom he rose to fame with his iconic song “Umbrella”, being precisely one of the songs expected during the show by millions of followers of the singer.

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