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Summer solstice 2022: the renewal rituals to start the hot season in the northern hemisphere

The June solstice occurred this morning, with it we say goodbye to spring and welcome summer, the hottest time of the year. This astronomical event draws attention for its significantr a moment of spiritual renewal that gives rise to rituals to take advantage of the positive energy of the season that has just begun.

This June 21 is the longest day of the year (sunlight will last 13 hours and 24 minutes) which means that is when we will receive the most sunlight. Many ancient cultures reserved rites to regain strength and connect with the universe.

And it is precisely on this day that the cosmos gives us more energy than the rest of the year and we cannot miss the opportunity to take advantage of this extra dose of positive vibration.. Here are some renewal rituals to receive summer in the best possible way.

Energy renewal ritual

This day is ideal to release stagnant energies and feel stronger, according to WeMystc. To carry out this ritual you will need 1 yellow candle, a glass of water, coarse salt, incense, a clay or heat resistant container and rosemary.

Light the yellow candle while you thank the universe for the opportunity to have more energy on this day. Pour a little coarse salt into the glass of water and light the incense. Place the rosemary inside the container, along with incense, and set it on fire with a match. This procedure serves to unlock energy and attract prosperity.

Go through all the corners of your house so that the negative energy goes away and at the end place the container next to the yellow candle.

Liberation and renewal ritual

In the place of your house where you feel most comfortable, light candles with fruity aromas such as vanilla, orange, lavender or cinnamon. Write down what you want to release on a piece of paper and burn it with the flame of one of the candles. At the end, clean your house to renew the energies.

Feng Shui ritual to welcome summer

This Chinese astrology ritual suggested by the MDZ site based on the recommendations of the Feng Shui expert Rafaela Rubín, begins by lighting a white candle. Later write on a piece of paper in red ink what you want to eliminate from your life. List the points in order of importance. Now burn the paper and let the wind blow the ashes away.

Write on another sheet everything you want to attract in your life, also in order of importance. You should not burn this list, but reserve it in a safe place.

Finally, boil lemon juice, honey and cinnamon in a container. Take a shower and at the end pour this mixture over your body from shoulders to feet.

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