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Summer solstice 2022: the 4 zodiac signs that will be most affected

Modalities in astrology refer to the position of the signs within the four seasons. The fixed signs are in the middle, the mutable ones at the end and the cardinal ones at the beginning, this last group it is the one that will be most affected by the summer solstice that will occur next Tuesday, June 21.

Since the June solstice also marks the beginning of Cancer season, this cycle is all about seeking emotional security so the change that the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will notice will be actively reflected in their sentimental status.

At solstices the Sun is at its highest or lowest point in the sky. The one that occurs in June is positioned at the top making the days longer and the nights shorter in the northern hemisphere.

Cardinal signs are born with the seasons so they naturally thrive when the solstices and equinoxes occur: Aries in the spring, Cancer in the summer, Libra in the fall, and Capricorn in the winter.. The common denominator of these 4 signs is movement and they are the ones that will be most affected on June 21. According to Elite Daily, here’s what to expect when the summer solstice occurs.

The sign of those born from March 21 to April 19 will feel a profound change in their emotions within the home and family. You will have the energy to make the necessary adjustments and foster a safe and calm environment. Aries tends to overlook his innermost emotional needs and during the summer he will remember that home is where his heart feels warm.

The sign of those born from June 21 to July 22 will feel all the sensations at the same time because their astrological year will begin. You will be filled with energy and vitality, and your desire for emotional security will increase. You will attract all those who need support, however, you must prioritize your own needs due to drastic mood swings.

The sign of those born from September 23 to October 22 will notice a change in their professional life. Your efforts will be highlighted so it is a good time to apply for a promotion or start a personal project. If you don’t feel comfortable in your work, the season of Cancer will help you successfully make the necessary adjustments.

Romantic and social relationships will occupy a main place in the lives of those born from December 23 to January 19. Cancer is your opposite sign, so you will feel a strange but pleasant energy. It will be the perfect season to let feelings speak, thus strengthening your relationships.

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