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suggestions for creating your own

To define goals for monday will help you maintain your physical and mental health. We are not talking about those annual goals that require greater focus and concentration and that depend on the work throughout the year.

Rather, we are talking about small goals that can help you start the week in a lighter and less burdensome way. Deep down, these are healthy goals that allow for your well-being in general.

Regardless of your long-term goals, the truth is that setting goals for Mondays can help a lot in many ways. If you are also one of those people who, as a rule, hates the beginning of the week, this type of exercise will help you to improve that feeling.

Do you feel like you need to draw small goals for monday? We’re here to help you through that process, and we want to help you feel good about yourself.

However, it is important to realize that it all depends on where you want to go. That is, not all goals suit all people.

For this purpose, we recommend that you reflect a little on the previous week, what went well, what went wrong and what you would like to change. We are talking about routines and small habits that can make all the difference in your physical and mental well-being.

Then, write down on paper only what is measurable, such as improving sleep quality or eating healthier meals, for example. Remember that this construction of a healthy lifestyle must always start slowly – with goals that become habits and habits that are capable of building this more balanced lifestyle.

For inspiration, here are some ideas. Take note.


Eat more vegetables and fruits

If you are in the habit of eating meals in a short period of time and without great quality, then why not start thinking about including this goal in your week?

Eating more vegetables and fruits can be a great goal to allow your body to function properly and to ward off diseases.. If preferred, always opt for organic food.

Do you feel like you have difficulties drinking the ideal amount of water per day? Why not start your week with this goal? After all, the body and mind are not healthy without the necessary hydration.

For that very reason, the ideal is to drink about 35 ml for each kg (in case you are currently more sedentary) and 70 ml per kg for those who like to exercise. To help incorporate this daily routine, choose to purchase a reusable bottle and fill it with the water needed for the whole day.

In case you need some extra help, know that currently there are already several applications to remind us of water consumption with specific timings.


Set the time of day when you feel most creative

When it comes to work, goals for Monday can make all the difference. Therefore, you should look at what your previous week was like and reflect on the times when you are usually more creative.

For example: if you feel that the morning is when you have a boost of creativity and are more productive, then you should choose that time to do the tasks that demand the most from you.

You don’t need to comply with the same routine every day, because we don’t feel the same way every day. But try to guide yourself along this path, it could be a valuable help.

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Put the body in motion

In order to feel really good, both physically and psychologically, you need to put your body in motion. And with this, we are not necessarily saying that you have to sign up for a gym or physical activity.

Try setting times during the week to do a walk. For example: on Tuesday and Friday, walk between 6 and 7 pm.

If, on the other hand, you’ve been putting off signing up for an activity that you’ve wanted to practice for a long time, then set a day to go there and try it out.


Plan your time smartly

We know that tasks outside of work can be many: from going to the supermarket, making meals for the week or even having time to clean the house.

To start your week off right and organize your mind right away, define the best day to organize and clean the house. Afterwards, think about the best time and day of the week to do the shopping and write down.

As for the meal preparationhow about setting aside about an hour and a half late Sunday afternoon to take care of everything?

For example: on Thursday before dinner, dust the house; on Friday at the end of the afternoon vacuum and change the bed linen; on Saturday morning, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, and on Sunday around 7 pm, preparing the week’s meals.


Improve sleep quality

A healthy and balanced routine requires good nights sleep. If you need to improve this aspect, start investing in it.

One way to do this is to avoid eating foods that stimulate you at night, avoiding drinks like coffee or caffeinated teas after 3 pm – or even exposure to screens at bedtime.

One of the goals for Monday could be “stop drinking coffee after 3 pm” or “avoid looking at your cell phone screen after 9 pm”.

The goals for Monday can be many and different. The important thing is that they are measurable and that they fit what you want to change or change in order to acquire a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Remember that the body and mind work as a whole and there is nothing better than preserving it.

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