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Subsidies and pensions. Find out what payday is in November

Find out about the Social Security payment dates in November and find out on which day you will receive the pension or social allowance to which you are entitled.

As usual, we’ll give you an account of the Social Security payment dates in November so you can know, accurately, how to manage your month from a financial point of view.

With the objective of providing a better service to the citizen, Social Security has a fixed monthly date for the payment of social subsidies and pensions, allowing better planning and safeguarding for beneficiaries, as they know exactly the day they are due. the subsidy.

If you are a pensioner or beneficiary of benefits granted by Social Security, see below for the payment dates in November 2022.


1) Paid together with the pension.
2) Payments by bank transfer and postal order. Payment by postal order is made from this date. Vouchers are issued in alphabetical order.

It is important to remember that with regard to payments made by post, the time of arrival of postal orders is dependent on CTT.


If you are a pensioner or receive social benefits, you can choose to pay these Social Security benefits by bank transfer. The money goes directly into your bank account and is immediately available.

To join the bank transfer, you don’t need to leave your home. You can do it through the internet on the Social Security Direct website. If you still don’t have access to Direct Social Security, see in this article how to ask for your password right away.

Subscribing to bank transfer is free, secure and simple. You just need to have a bank account and register your IBAN with Social Security Direct. See how in this step-by-step guide and start receiving payments without delay or loss.

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