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Subscription car, how does it work?

the service of subscription car brought a new consumption logic to the automobile market. Its objective is to offer facilities for those who want to enjoy the advantages of having a zero km without the headaches of owning a vehicle, such as bureaucratic costs, maintenance, devaluation and later sale.

However, the rental modality requires the driver to accept the concept of use – not ownership. Keep reading to understand how it works and if it’s worth hiring a subscription car.

What this article covers:

What is a subscription car?

Understand that the “signature car” is a new rental modality. In it, the consumer guarantees the use of a new vehicle for a certain period of time – usually from 12 to 36 months.

In addition to the use of the vehicle, the service package, paid monthly, includes:

  • taxes and fees (IPVA, DPVAT Insurance, Licensing, among others);
  • the safe; and
  • preventive maintenance of the car.

Among the benefits of this modality, since the consumer does not purchase the good, he also does not have to deal with the depreciation of the vehicle or make a down payment on a loan.

The negative points of subscription cars are: at the end of the contract, there is not a vehicle in the consumer’s garage. Drivers who travel a lot also need to be aware, as the plans have a mileage limit.

How does the mod work?

To use a subscription car, the driver needs to analyze what his needs are, choose the vehicle category that best suits him and budget the amounts charged by recognized companies.

After choosing the model and company, just get in touch and analyze the details of the contract. It is important, at this stage, to check the protections included in the insurance offered and the duration of the rental.

It is worth noting that most companies require the customer to be over 21 years old, have a credit card in the name of the rental holder and be approved by the rental company’s credit policy.

Once the papers are signed, the customer sets the date, time and how he wants the brand new car to be delivered. During the waiting time for the new vehicle, the driver can opt for a temporary one of the same category.

Remembering that, normally, subscription car companies offer applications that allow the management of maintenance, driver monitoring, mileage, consumption, management of fines and measurements of speed achieved.

Is subscription car rental worth it?

For many drivers, this modality can be more advantageous than buying a vehicle. However, to analyze your situation exactly, calculate the monthly amount spent on your car and compare it with the subscription car installment.

Remember, when doing the math, to consider:

  • depreciation;
  • safe;
  • IPVA;
  • initial documentation; and
  • maintenance.

There are benefits and harms related to the service, such as unconcern with bureaucracy and the feeling of attachment. Thus, the relevance of the items has to be measured by each user.

Manufacturers, rental companies and even insurance companies realized that they needed to adhere to the philosophy of mobility that modern times demand. And they quickly saw how profitable this service could be. Going beyond the marketing discourse, companies began to invest in car business modalities that go well beyond the sale or leasing of vehicles, such as subscription cars.

AutoPapo then brings a subscription car guide in the country offered directly by automakers. Check out the main cars, plans, prices and step by step to adhere to what is considered a new way of mobility.

Subscription car options

Check out some of the options below:


After partnerships with the governments of the Federal District and Paraná for sharing electric vehicles, the French brand started its On Demand. The French brand’s subscription car system offers four versions among three models in its line: Kwid, Stepway and Duster.

The program allows you to contract the service online through the website ondemand.renault.com.br?? On the portal, you can also simulate different planes. First, choose the car, the duration of the contract and the mileage allowance.

Another possibility is to receive the car at home. Just enter the zip code of your choice (residential or commercial) and the site will show you the option of delivery – or list the nearest dealerships to pick up the car. But the service has an additional cost, which can be R$ 14 per month or more. Renault’s subscription car is offered in all states of the country.

  • Periods: 12, 18, 20 and 24 months
  • Deductibles: 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 km per month

Services included:

  • Maintenance: preventive revisions and replacement of natural wear parts, also including changing tires
  • Document management: all documents and fees related to the vehicle such as IPVA and licensing are managed by the program
  • Auto Insurance: protection against theft, theft, fire and third parties
  • 24-hour assistance: towing services, locksmith, return home, lodging, car reservation and other emergency services

Fiat and Jeep subscription cars

Called Flua!, FCA’s signature car system – Fiat Chrysler Automóveis – allows signing different Fiat and Jeep models in a fully digital way. The service, however, is not national yet.

In all, there are eight signature cars from Fiat (Argo, Nova Strada, Toro, Cronos, Grand Siena, Doblò, Fiorino and Ducato) and two from Jeep (Renegade and Compass).

To access the service, you must go to the website www.meuflua.com.br and choose between the models of one of the brands. Afterwards, just select the contract time and mileage limit, optional (if you want), fill out a registration form and send the proposal to be contacted.

Some models have two or more versions to choose from. At the same time, deadline options may vary by vehicle. However, the longer the contract period, the cheaper the monthly plan.

  • Periods: 12, 24 and 36 months
  • Deductibles: 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 km per month


  • 24-hour assistance, vehicle and residential
  • Backup car
  • Maintenance on the dealer network
  • Documentation (IPVA, licensing and registration)
  • insurance with tracker


The service can be accessed through the website vwsignanddrive.com.br?? In the digital environment, it is possible to choose the model, version and options. Services:

  • Documentation (IPVA, licensing and registration)
  • insurance with tracker
  • Preventive maintenance
  • 24 hour assistance

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