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Stylish swimsuits for all body types

Choosing the right swimsuit model for your particular body is not always the easiest. That’s why we have collected different models that suit you with everything from large to small bust to you with a lot or a little curves. Browse below to find your personal favorite.

Photo: Instagram @sincerelyjules

Draped shaping swimsuit

Just like a shapewear dress works, this swimsuit works. It tightens and shapes in the right place and uses a draping technique that helps the curves fall into place. It is perfect for those who want more curves or for those who already have a lot of curves.

Halterneck swimsuit

If you have a slightly wider shoulder area, the halterneck swimsuit is unfortunately not a good option for you. But it fits better on a person with a smaller bust and a narrower shoulder area.

Cut-out swimsuit

If you want to create more focus on the waist and on the shoulders, this model is for you as it helps you emphasize both.

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