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Stylish ribbed dresses to welcome spring in

The ribbed knit dress is hard to beat when it comes to comfort and style – and as an added bonus, this versatile piece is great for styling with spring’s changing weather. Here we share our best styling tips for ribbed dresses, as well as the best-looking models that can be clicked home right now!

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The ribbed dress is a real favorite item in the wardrobe that can be adapted to most weather conditions. This is how we style it this spring!

Style guide: Ribbed dress

In cold weather, we like to style a ribbed dress with high boots and stylish earrings. Top with a warm jacket – why not try a stylish coat? – and a stylish scarf.

When the weather permits, you should exchange the coat for a lighter spring jacket or blazer. You can replace the boots with ankle boots or, weather permitting, a pair of trendy ballerina shoes.

Then when it starts to get really warm, you can style a thin ribbed, sleeveless dress with sneakers or a pair of nice sandals.

Women’s ribbed dress 2023

Here we list spring’s finest ribbed dresses – whether you’re looking for a ribbed maxi dress or long ribbed dress, a black, brown or beige ribbed dress, or why not a ribbed dress with buttons?

Check out our selected favorites below!

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