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Studies show that cat people are more intelligent than dog people

Today, November 27, on Cat’s Day, we celebrate all the smart cat lovers out there with a high five! (The cat’s day always falls on the first day of Advent.) Denise Guastello who has a doctorate in psychology at Carroll University has, after extensive studies on dog and cat people, come to the conclusion that (drumroll) cat people are smarter!

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Yep, the new research shows measurable differences between people’s pet preferences. And the results are crystal clear. Cat lovers are generally more intelligent.

If you prefer cats, you are probably (like the cat) more likely to spend a lot of time alone. This can, among other things, manifest itself in the fact that you have a special interest that you spend a lot of time on. It could also be that you just like to “hang out” with yourself and sit back with a good book when the opportunity arises. The cat’s finality may be due to the fact that it has 300 million nerve cells, while dogs only have about half that, reports Live Science.

If you prefer dogs instead, it’s far from a shame. Dog people are often sociable, friendly and athletic people who like to be out in nature and socialize with others. Surveys have also shown that those who have acquired a dog feel more alive than before.

“It makes sense that a person who gets a dog will become more alive, because they will want to be outside more. They will also meet more people with their new friend!” Denise says to Time Magazine.

Intelligent or outgoing, cat or dog-person, we can still agree that there is nothing better than animals! <3

Source: Lifehack.org

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