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Strong rumors: Shakira and Karol G would have already recorded a song together

Karol G at the Latin Grammy 2022.

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This they have been crying out for. a song of Shakira Y Carol G. together. Well, according to the program Socialité de España Colombian women would have already recorded a song. The theme promises to “break apart” their respective exes: Gerard Piqué Y anuel aa. They have also ensured that the premiere would be on February 2, the day the former FC Barcelona star is celebrating his birthday.

Instagram channel: Bichota The Show

Unusually the day meets Piqueit’s birthday too Shakira. So it has been said that it would be “hitting the basket” to brand new la new song by Shakira and Karol G, if it is really exists. But not only is the Spanish press pointing out that this could be a fact very soon. Also a t-shirt that he wore the bichota during a game of lakers in The Angels.

“I left you big”, could be read. Everyone pointed out that she is in support of her countrywoman, the interpreter of “Ojos Así” and “Waka Waka”. Apparently, La Bichota and singer of “Provenza” and “Gatúbela” would have gone to Barcelona to do the job with Shakira. But as they say out there: “There is a long way from saying to doing”, so we will have to see if this materializes or not.

Shakira removed phrases from Sessions 53

Even though the letter of the Music Sessions 53 by Shakira and Bizarrap She is lapidary and names her rival in: “Clara-mente” and her ex “Sal-Pique”, the song’s composer, Keitenhe assured the Puerto Rican in an interview Mollusk that they had taken care of every detail of what was going to be said. Just as many phrases were also discarded.

Even so, several that did come to light in the almost 200 million reproductions that the video clip has (until the closing of this note) on Youtubethey have become everything a rallying cry for women. Also in the gentlemen who have shown their support for the Colombian singer. Without a doubt, a song that will mark her career due to her great recovery.

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