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Strong reactions to Markoolio’s new reality series “Marko & Irma”

In the new reality series “Marko & Irma”, we follow Markoolio and his mother Irma as they build a house for her on Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago. The series has aroused strong reactions among viewers, below we tell you why!

Photo: TV4

In the new program series “Marko & Irma” on TV4, we follow Marko “Markoolio” Lethosalos and his mother Irma in the construction of Irma’s new house. Mother and son have a background full of challenges and setbacks, but today the relationship is tighter than ever.

Had a messy upbringing

Markoolio had a messy upbringing in the Stockholm suburb of Orminge, where he lived with his two younger siblings and mother Irma, who suffered from alcohol problems. Irma was only 18 when she had Marko and was then single with her three children. In the last program of the season of “Irma & Marko”, Irma tells, during a trip to Ullared, that the family was poor when the children were small. “For example, I couldn’t buy him a bike, he used to borrow the neighbor’s bike. That boy ran after Marko, ‘I want my bike back! I want my bike back,” she tells the program.

Markoolio pays for the house construction

In “Marko & Irma”, viewers get to follow along as Irma’s house is demolished and then rebuilt. The construction manager for the building, Håkan Svanström, has previously told Happened that it is Markoolio who pays for the new house. “He’s building a house for his mother and the production is just on the sidelines, filming and seeing what happens.”

Photo: TV4

It’s still not clear if the popular show will get a second season, but if viewers get to decide, it sure looks promising! “Mother Irma is so lovely and so is Marko. Strong of Irma to get rid of her addiction!” writes a viewer on TV4’s Facebook page. Other viewers think that it is nice to see people on reality TV who are not so well-dressed and instead are natural and genuine. “Best show in a long time, hope there will be more seasons!” writes another viewer.

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