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Streaming platforms today want to be cable services • ENTER.CO

I remember a few years ago when I was first sold on the idea of ​​having Netflix.

“No, if this is better than having cable.”

And the truth is that at the time the statement was true. Content on demand, without ads, much cheaper and on any device.

What makes it sadder is to discover that the circle has been closed. Streaming services killed cable, ultimately becoming it.

The streaming diet

Santa Clarita Diet

The thing is that a few years ago it was cheaper to have Netflix. It contained the offering of Disney, Sony, Warner and even their own shows. It was one of those things that when you tried it you couldn’t believe everything you had to see.

The problem is that more services were added to the list, each with their reasons to sign up for them. If you are a fan of Marvel, then Disney+ is almost a must. Simpsons marathon? Star+ has to be included. If you want to watch DC series then it’s HBO Max and if what you prefer are Nickelodeon cartoons then it’s Paramount+

If you want to see everything, you have to pay for everything… which means that a complete package means that more or less you end up paying the same as before with a cable package, with the difference that at least you choose what to contract and what not… But? when everything is divided is there an election?

Account sharing and the spirit of streaming

Netflix can now come to say that their accounts were designed to be used within the same household… but they and we know that sharing an account was part of the spirit of streaming.

It is the reason why the profiles function was fundamental for the first platforms. The idea that not only the one who pays for the service sees the service. We also know that Netflix recognized in those early years that one of the drivers of the model was the plans that people began to set up among friends to reduce expenses. Why pay cable for just one home when you can share Disney+ with your friends and get more for your money?

Netflix can come say what it wants. But I find it hard to imagine a home that needs 6 screens, so that 6 people can see different accounts on different profiles at all times… or at least believe that its most popular model was used only by Mormon families.

Ads are killing the spirit of streaming

Now it turns out that if we want to watch series and be able to pay for the rest of the platforms that exist, we have to watch ads.

And that’s not all! But the plans with ads come with less benefits. It turns out that not all distributors or studios are happy to run an ad with your movie. So if you buy these plans you must accept that you will not be able to see all the series available normally and that it is even possible that some shows are only available after their normal premiere date. After all you are paying less! You’re not only paying for the privilege of seeing ads, but also for the privilege of seeing ads on shows that allow them to be seen!

But don’t worry. At least there is the algorithm to guarantee that you will listen to ads that interest you… which will repeat until the madness leads you to pay extra to not see ads.

the circle is complete

So right now we’re at a place where you can only use streaming services at home.

In which you also have to pay a lot, if you want to have access on demand to the shows and the content that you must see.

In which you must put up with ads if you want to make any kind of savings.

And where if you save money you have to put up with not being able to see what you want.

Streaming services today want to be like cable TV. And now the circle has come full circle in a bad sci-fi joke, returning us to the awkwardness of TV more than two decades ago.

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