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Strategies to Get to the Top of Google

If you have a business, there is something you should know: your products and services only exist, in fact, for most potential customers if they have a presence on the internet. And since it’s not enough to have one Web sitebecause you need to have visits and convert visits into results, it is essential to know how to attract traffic to your online page??

The rule is simple: to be successful on the internet you have to optimize your digital presence and be relevant in the main search engines. Ideally, you need to appear in the first Google search results. But how?

Ever heard of SEO?

For those who ask themselves “how can I make my business grow on the internet”, the answer is to establish a plan to increase the brand’s visibility and this involves putting into practice a set of actions that enhance its contents and bring its work closer to the court hearing. A strategy we call IF THE ?? search engine optimization (or, in plain English, search engine optimization). This is a fundamental job for anyone who wants to enhance its visibility in the web??

Having an SEO-focused strategy is essential for any business these days. In the first positions are certainly the links most viewed and visited by users. This is reality and it is for this reason that it is important to know that good organic performance does not happen by mere chance: it results from a well-crafted strategy??

A good Digital Marketing strategy, which includes an SEO checklist in the planning, allows you to reach the top of searches and the result of this is that your business earns what we call market authority – whether we are talking about a store online, a business website or a blog. With more authority, more visits happen and, thus, increase the chances of standing out from the competition.

An added value, to take advantage of the best SEO practices, is the support of specialists in the field, who have know how digital and help achieve concrete results for the business.

Best practices for reaching the top

The use of a set of SEO practices, as a way to add value to the brand, promotes a close relationship with potential customers and position the page as an “expert”.

There are several paths and all of them must be studied and optimized regularly, accompanying possible changes in the user experience.

Produce relevant content, rank it according to its importance, find suitable keywords, have a Web site with fast response times, among other factors, serve as examples of what a good SEO strategy should address.

In this context, the seo agency – UNIK SEO, then presents 7 best practices to reach the top of Google results. Shall we do this?

to be well in ranking of research online it is essential that there is a good strategy for what we call keywords, that is, defining which keywords are important for your business, and which correspond to the way the user searches in search engines.

your content online it should reflect your business and it should create value for the customer. It is essential that people realize the usefulness of what they find when they click on your page.

Achieving good organic results is directly associated with the quality and relevance of the contents, which are, in fact, the basis of any content marketing strategy.


Hierarchize the contents

The experience of those who search online counts a lot and should be valued. That said, it is important that the contents follow a hierarchy rule, in which there is a structure of importance to order the contents.

The hierarchy of this structure makes the user’s reading more fluid, but also helps to make your content more relevant to Google.


Build friendly URLs

“Your virtual address” is the URL and this should also be one of your priorities when planning your Digital Marketing strategy. Search engines understand that friendly URLs, which include the keyword and are simple to memorize, are important to get the first results.


Have a website that responds quickly

Search engines value the response times seen on websites – that is, better position the pages that make the user experience more pleasant.

One Web site that takes time to load is subject to a Google ranking penalty, which understands that the user loses something during the experience.


Use internal and external links for the link building strategy

Another strategy highly valued by search engines is to include links internal in the contents – Google, for example, adds value to your page if such links are present. Furthermore, the strategy of links internals promote good user navigation within your website.

THE link building strategy also consists of including links externalthat is, to receive links from others websites?? This is one of the main valuation factors in page ranking in search engines and should, therefore, be part of your SEO strategy if you want to grow on the internet.


Digital PR and Backlinks Services

Combine the talents of influencers and content creators with your products and services is a huge asset to your growth strategy – and this is a trend that is here to stay.

In the Iberian Peninsula, there are few dedicated agencies of excellence, with experience in acquiring services backlinks and Online PR, bringing together a diversified list of contacts, including names of bloggersinfluencers and journalists relevant to the market.

Where to start?

Ensuring increased visibility of your business on the internet and assertively reaching more customers, achieving concrete results, look for specialists in SEO strategies and Content Marketing.

Hiring an agency dedicated to content marketing for the right creation of strategies, enhances business results in the environment online??

THE Unik SEO creates customized digital marketing strategies. With ten years of experience in the market, it is a Google Partner 100% Portuguese and specialist in increasing traffic rates, organic and paid, generating value for your brand. It offers services in six languages ​​– among them, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, being an agency specialized in growth online of different types of business.

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