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‘Stranger Things’: Jamie Campbell Bower Says Part 2 ‘Goes Further’ With Character Backstories

To make fans even more anxious for Part 2 of the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, which arrives on Netflix on July 1, Jamie Campbell Bower (Peter Ballard) said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the last two episodes will be the climax of the plot for the characters – as well as being among the biggest of the entire production.

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“Stranger Things”: Jamie Campbell Bower says Part 2 “goes further” with the characters’ backstories. Image: Disclosure/Netflix

“It gets bigger. If you thought it was as big as it could be, it’s not. It goes further in terms of story and emotionally for all the characters. It’s really an explosive climax, shall we say. I know a lot of people have used the word explosive, scope and scale, but I mean this: it goes much further and we know more. We also learned a lot more as an audience in these final two episodes.”


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Beware, the paragraphs below contain spoilers for Season 4 of “Stranger Things”!

For those who have already been able to check out volume 1 of the fourth season, you already know that Bower is one of the central characters of the new plot, as he lives the creature Vecna. The actor, however, is not new to the role of villain, having already participated in important franchises such as “Twilight”, in which Caius, one of the cruel leaders of the Volturi, lived, and also “Harry Potter”, where he played the young Grindelwald – he even appeared in “Fantastic Beasts”.

The length of the final two episodes of “Stranger Things,” which make up the season finale, comes as no surprise. The Duffers Brothers, creators of the series, had already revealed about the size of the production. In an interview with IGN, Shawn Levy, director of the series, completed the information saying that some episodes would practically be a movie. Check out the full report here.

According to information from gamesradarthe eighth episode of the show will be 85 minutes long, while chapter nine, which will be the aforementioned feature film, rounds off the story at 150 minutes.

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