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Stranger Things creators will produce another Death Note live-action • ENTER.CO

After having made the most recent installment of Stranger Things rise as the second Netflix production to reach one billion hours of playback, the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer decided to found a new project. This is Upside Down Pictures: a company that, hand in hand with Hilary Leavitt (who has been behind the development of series like Orphan Black and Ozark) seeks to produce new and better content for Netflix; among them, a version of Death Note with real actors.

There are several ideas on the table, but they all point to the same goal: to create the kind of stories that inspired and fueled the careers of the Duffer brothers. According to the duo from North Carolina, in their new productions the characterization of their future characters will be a priority, as will exploring the kind of crossroads that can allow the ordinary to meet the extraordinary, in the best style of Stranger Things.

Will there be a Live-action Death Note?

Not everything is Vecna ​​or Hawkins. To prove it, just look at the list of projects that Deadline published, which shows a kind of appetizer related to the production that the Duffer brothers’ company will carry out. Among the titles is an adaptation of a book by Stephen King called ‘The talisman’ (which will have the support of Steven Spielberg); an original series based on ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’; a spin-off on the mythology of Stranger Things; and a production that has caught the attention of anime fans: a live-action Death Note.

Adapting again the story that revolves around power and death, after the poor performance of the 2017 film, is undoubtedly a risk, also taking into account the criticism that these types of versions usually receive. However, the Duffer brothers assure that the horror elements that they plan to incorporate in the new version of the manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata will make the experience worthwhile.

At the moment, Matt and Ross Duffer are taking a few weeks off before starting to write, in August of this year, the last season of Stranger Things: installment of which it is known that there will be jumps in time, which Will Byers will once again have a more leading role, and whose episodes will last much less than the nine chapters of the fourth season.


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