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Stranger Things 4 originally planned to kill Max • ENTER.CO

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Next, we will give spoilers for Stranger Things 4.

Little did they expect the Stranger Things finale to end with Max in a coma. However, the original plan for the show was much darker. The creators of the show had planned to kill off Max at the end of the season.

The reveal was delivered on the ‘Stranger Things After Show’, an online series that usually offers a glimpse into the series through interviews with the actors and cast members of Stranger Things. Ross Duffer, one of the creators of the show, revealed that originally in the last episode of Stranger Things 4 the plan was that Max, like the other victims of Vecna, would end up dying.

“It was discussed as a possibility,” explained Ross Duffer about the scene in the last episode in which Sadie Sink ‘dies’. “For a while, that’s what was going to happen. But we ended up on this… We wanted to end up with a little more than one question at the end of the season.”

Just because Stranger Things didn’t kill Max doesn’t mean that the season starts with her recovering or that we even get some sort of happy ending.

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“I feel like Lucas still feels like he died, honestly. People think she didn’t do it. I’ve seen people say, ‘Um, Max didn’t die, guys relax,’ but she’s not the same. She is in a coma; Would she like to see her loved one or her family member in that state? Her eyes were about to be sucked into her head, all her bones are broken. She could be there, but she may not be there. She is no longer the same. They were supposed to go to the movies on Friday, and I don’t think they will.”

The Duffer brothers have emphasized that precisely the idea of ​​this season was always to give the boys their first loss. “We were going to introduce Vecna ​​and they were going to lose to him. That sets our characters up for what will be the ultimate showdown with Vecna ​​and the Other Side in Season 5.”

For now we do not have a date for Stranger Things. But many theories already suggest that in this season one of the motivations will be to ‘rescue’ Max, who as far as we know is trapped in the dimension in which Vecna ​​kept his victims.

You can watch the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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