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Stores that sell adhesive fabrics

O adhesive fabric started to be manufactured in Brazil about three years ago, but only recently did the material gain visibility in the decoration area. The finish is modern and can be used to cover furniture, objects and walls.

The adhesive fabric allows you to customize various surfaces. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Adhesive fabrics in decoration

Modern, effective and easy to apply, the adhesive fabric has the ability to innovate the visual identity of environments. It combines a differentiated texture with a self-adhesive item, which ensures greater practicality at the time of application.

For apply the adhesive fabric at home, residents do not need to hire skilled labor. The material is also versatile, that is, capable of adapting to the most different projects in favor of customization.

Adhesive fabric is waterproof, so it won’t suffer from moisture when used on any smooth surface. In addition to walls and furniture, the application can also happen on styrofoam, cardboard, acrylic, rubber, paper and even other fabric.

Self-adhesive fabric with floral print. (Photo: Disclosure)

O self-adhesive fabric can already be found in different versions, which differ in terms of colors and print patterns. In addition to contributing to the beauty of spaces, the material improves with the thermal sensation and favors coziness.

Where to buy adhesive fabrics?

Check out some below stores that sell adhesive fabrics🇧🇷

stickout🇧🇷 the site has a good variety of products and sells adhesive fabrics for R$ 50.00 (150cmx50cm).

Snail House: the virtual store presents beautiful options of self-adhesive fabrics, which value relaxed, modern and authentic prints. Motifs such as owls, polka dots, confetti, colorful apples, carts and doves are the biggest hit. Prices vary by model and some products are out of stock.

Some adhesive fabrics imitate tiles. (Photo: Disclosure)

Glued Stickers: the site has an exclusive category of adhesive fabrics. In this area, consumers find pieces with prints of polka dots, plaid, patchwork, cupcakes, calico, animals, flowers, jute and even the classic Provencal Toile du jouy.

Ghana Gifts🇧🇷 consumers find on the site different adhesive fabric models, including those that imitate Portuguese tiles. The virtual store composes its stock with products from the Flok brand.

brush🇧🇷 the store sells self-adhesive fabrics with different prints, from the most basic to the most striking ones. Among the options, it is worth mentioning chess, floral and polka dots. It is also possible to buy adhesive fabric for slipper insole.

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