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Stores in Paraguay With Delivery in Brazil

Stores in Paraguay With Delivery in Brazil: Thousands of Brazilians leave the country to do their shopping in the city of Paraguay, the main reason being taxes, which end up making products in Brazil more and more expensive, so there is nothing better than shopping in Paraguay.

You must take certain precautions with your purchases made in Paraguay with delivery in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

Check our complete article for more information about some stores in Paraguay that offer delivery service in Brazil and what are their requirements.

What this article covers:

At purchases in Paraguay with delivery in Brazil are usually very dangerous, because depending on the product, your purchase will not arrive in Brazil, being confiscated at the border of Paraguay with Brazil, the law says that shopping in Paraguay and asking to have it delivered to Brazil is prohibited, for those who intend to know the city from Paraguay and bring the permitted quota of goods is allowed, as long as there are no medicines, ammunition, and other types of products.

Quota to bring goods from Paraguay

So that Brazilians can cross Paraguay either by land or by plane, leaving Foz do Iguaçu, it is possible to bring only US$ 300, remembering that if consumers exceed this quota, they will be charged 50% on whatever exceeds this amount and unfortunately this quota can only be used every 30 days, yet another security measure to prevent the entry of thousands of illegal products into Brazil.

Any doubt that you Brazilian citizens have about tax values, products that may or may not be brought to Brazil, or any other type of doubt, do not hesitate to contact the Brazilian consulate in Ciudad Del Este, exactly at Rua Pampliega 205 , the telephone number for contact is 561-500-984, so you Brazilians who intend to purchase your goods legally, do not accept any type of delivery in Brazil carried out by stores in Paraguay, becoming a crime under Paraguayan legislation, which may result in fines and even imprisonment.

Here are some stores in Paraguay for you to plan your trip:

How to buy in Paraguay

Always remember that purchases from Paraguay on the internet delivery in Brazil are prohibited by law, some stores offer this type of service but it is something clandestine and that your product may be retained by the Federal Revenue Service. Before you know how to buy in Paraguay, be aware of the laws so you don’t lose money.

stay then tips on stores in Paraguay with delivery in Brazil, Be very careful with your goods, as you Brazilian consumers who intend to follow the laws should only bring what is allowed, for the US$ 300 quota and also for the quantity of products to be shipped as luggage, which cannot exceed the amounts, so that the consumers are not accused of importing with the intention of reselling, so respect the limits of quantity of equal products and the quota of US$ 300, for more information, access the official website “Shops in Paraguay” right now – http://lojasnoparaguai.com.br/dicas-de-viagem?showall=1we wish you all great shopping and see you next time.

Stores in Paraguay are the most sought after by Brazilians who are without purchasing power in Brazil, and want to shop for more affordable items, mainly because it is the end of the year.

The time has come to start Christmas shopping and, consequently, in our territory the pricing of products tends to cause a lot of inconvenience and it is better to buy elsewhere.

What is cheap to buy in Paraguay?

In Shops in Paraguay, if you are looking for beauty products, there are sites like Mapy that present you with a variety of interesting items to buy. That is, the amounts are charged in Paraguayan Guarani (the national currency of Paraguay), and when converted to our Real, the amounts change significantly.

In this case, a Giorgio Armani “Stronger With You” kit with Body Lotion and perfume costs G 491,626, and in Brazil this same item would cost R$ 364.29. Also note that in national stores in our country, this product would cost more than R$ 600.00.

What is cheap to buy in Paraguay
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Do you have a preference for electronic items, specifically computers or notebooks? An Acer I3 notebook with 4GB would cost G 3,155,001, or R$ 2,337.80. Even if you wanted an Apple notebook, you would pay G 8,932,550 or R$ 6,618.86 which is extremely expensive here in Brazil, and half the price in Paraguay.

Currently, shopping in stores in Paraguay is more affordable than simply investing your money in any Brazilian department. The Real, unfortunately, is going through a very big devaluation and our purchasing power has dropped drastically in the last four years.

What value can you bring from Paraguay?

It is very important for anyone interested in shopping through Lojas do Paraguay to observe the permitted amount of US$ 500.00. This is the quota required by law and the products purchased must not exceed specific quantities that must total 30 items, otherwise you will face many headaches with the product.

We must not forget to mention that the amount shown just above, converted into real, will be R$ 2,663.50. You have the possibility to buy more for less, right? You can purchase whatever you want, especially if you know how to use the value in your favor to buy what you want.

Remember not to buy the same products in excessive quantities, do a search for the sites very calmly, observe what you want to buy and calculate if it will not exceed the allowed amount. Unlike China where we can make larger purchases, such as Fast Fashion Shein, the Brazilian Federal Revenue will charge in other ways.

Of course, if the values ​​exceed the recommended amount, you will be charged for your clothes and other items purchased by Paraguay. Values ​​can become disadvantageous, so it is always necessary to check the final charge in advance and analyze whether or not it is worth paying more for what you bought.

What can’t you bring from Paraguay during a trip?

Buying through stores in Paraguay requires that you pay extra attention, as it is forbidden to carry more than 12 liters of alcoholic beverages of any kind, weapons, toys that resemble a firearm, cigarettes that have not been registered in Brazil and much more. items that are not cataloged in our country.

In addition, as we explained, buying the same products in stores in Paraguay in excess is prohibited, as they will be confiscated upon your return. Know that this happens because there is a ban on the resale of these items on national soil, so be careful with purchases so as not to have your products taken from you.

Strictly following the rules will make your trip and tour of the Lodges in Paraguay really fruitful and enjoyable. Taking the proper care will allow you to return to the country many more times to get to know it better and do more shopping for the home, without the purpose of reselling.

Is it better to buy online or in person at stores in Paraguay?

Shopping in stores in Paraguay in person will allow you not to buy a counterfeit product online, as it is much more complicated for us to see the item and know if they have not been modified. Realize that if the price is much lower than normal, that it is really a fake product and that it is not worth making the purchase.

Beware of street vendors in Paraguay

If you are really going to travel to find the Lodges in Paraguay, keep in mind the importance of taking care when walking on the street. The country is not as safe as it seems because they have greedy sellers, and it is always important to avoid the feared street vendors with their prices below, as they are imitations of poor quality.

For this reason, it is so important to check out some tips about stores in Paraguay, as it allows you to be extremely aware of the amounts to be spent. Your money is worth a lot to be exchanged anywhere you’ll never see it again, and worse, for buying it in a shady stall.

famous malls in paraguay

Visit Ciudad del Este, as it contains different super cool malls such as Shopping SAX and Forli, which sell branded clothing such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Armani, Ferrari and even Ralph Lauren.

There is another mall called Monalisa and in this it is possible to buy makeup and perfume items, but with higher than normal prices. If you want to buy in stores in Paraguay at affordable prices, there is a shop called Charme at Galeria Jebai. There are different interesting and cheaper products that can be seen online.

Test the product inside stores in Paraguay

Among the main tips to be followed inside the stores in Paraguay are the tests of electronic goods before actually making the purchase. Just like we do in Brazil, you need to do it there and with triple the attention, otherwise your money will have been lost.

Ask about the guarantee because it is precisely this factor that will allow you to make the exchange, if necessary at some point. If you don’t have a purchase guarantee, look for another store to do your shopping, which always acts safely with the customer.

Showcase products from Stores in Paraguay? No way!

If you go to stores in Paraguay and see a product that made you interested, and the seller wants to sell you directly from the showcase, do not accept it under any circumstances. The item needs to be completely sealed and inside the box, as objects put on display tend to be modified or have malfunctions.

Electrical voltage of electronic products

One more tip that will make a huge difference when shopping in stores in Paraguay is to check the voltage. See if it is 220V or 110V, otherwise you can simply have the product spoiled in a matter of seconds and without even using it as you wanted.

Knowing about Shops in Paraguay will help you make more accurate purchases, with total security, without being taxed or deceived by smart sellers, who want to profit from unsuspecting tourists.

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