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Stones and marbles to decorate: how to choose?

Are you wanting to innovate the look of your home? So bet on the use of stones and marbles in decoration🇧🇷 However, before betting on these materials, it is very important to know the characteristics of each one.

Environment decorated with marble. (Photo: Reproduction/terrysfabrics)

What this article covers:

Differences between stones and marbles

Marble stands out as one of the favorite materials of architects. It has a strong aesthetic appeal, so it manages to leave any space in the house with a sophisticated touch.

Like all natural stone, marble guarantees strength and durability. In civil construction, it serves both to compose the coating of rooms and also to shape furniture. The material usually pleases all tastes, after all, it can be found on the market in many variations of colors and textures.

Be careful not to confuse granite with marble.  (Photo: Disclosure)

Be careful not to confuse granite with marble. (Ilustrative Photo)

Marble is a material with well-defined and striking characteristics, but it is still being confused with other types of stone, such as granite.

Granite x Marble

Marble is fragile, clear and beautiful.  (Photo: Reproduction/ interiordec)

Marble is fragile, clear and beautiful. (Photo: Reproduction/ interiordec)

To understand the differences between granite and marble, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of each material. Marble is composed of calcite and mineral, while granite has quartz, feldspar and mica in its composition. Marble scratches easily, while granite is much less porous, hard and resistant.

If you want to find out if a stone is granite or marble, proceed as follows: take a penknife and go through the surface of the material. If it is marked, the material is more fragile, so it is marble. Another way to identify the stone is by looking at the colors. In general, granite has mixed colors, while marble has a uniform tone.

Where to use marble in decoration?

Marble countertop.  (Photo: Reproduction/decorate how to choose 3 homeimprovementandhomecare)

Marble countertop. (Photo: Reproduction/homeimprovementandhomecare)

Because it is a delicate and fragile material, marble should be used to compose structures indoors, such as bathroom or kitchen countertops. It is also used to coat internal walls.

Marble should not be applied in rooms with heavy traffic, after all, it can scratch and wear out easily. The use of the material in the kitchen is also inadvisable, as the high porosity absorbs grease and can suffer from stains.

Where to use granite in decoration?

Natural granite stone is much more versatile than marble in decoration, and can be used to compose both internal and external environments. Residents can use this material to cover the floor of any room, after all, the finish is very resistant and durable.

Granite Island.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Ormib)

Granite Island. (Photo: Reproduction/ Ormib)

Granite can also be used on facades, columns, countertops and decorative walls.

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