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Stickers for shower stalls: prices, where to buy

Looking for ideas to change the bathroom look🇧🇷 So it’s worth betting on the box sticker. This item allows you to customize the bath area in the room, enhancing the style of decoration or expressing the resident’s preferences.

The bath area can be revamped with decorative stickers. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

The bathroom box is an extremely important piece for compose the sanitary area🇧🇷 It guarantees the privacy of the space reserved for the bath and also prevents the shower water from taking over the entire room.

On the market, you can find many box models, that are distinguished in terms of material, size, color and design. In any case, it is essential that the piece is resistant, practical, beautiful and offers easy cleaning.

You bathroom box stickers they serve to break with the monotony and seriousness of the sanitary spaces. They are tough, durable and recognize frequent exposure to moisture.

Sticker simulates the bottom of the sea in the box. (Photo: Disclosure)

The decorative effect of the sticker looks more beautiful in the colorless glass box, as the transparency ensures greater prominence to the illustration. The material should preferably be smooth and without texture for the application of the adhesive to be successful.

Some bathroom shower stickers templates add a touch of charm and sophistication to the environment, as is the case with arabesques. Others bet on a humorous proposal to leave the room with a relaxed atmosphere, as is the case of the silhouette of a person singing in the shower.

Prices and where to buy shower stall stickers

Bathroom shower stickers are available for sale online. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out a selection of stores below. buy shower stall stickers and some prices:

Web Sticker
The Adhesive Web virtual store has different product options for repackage the box🇧🇷 The consumer has the possibility to customize his sticker, choosing the color, size and position. For purchases over R$49.90, shipping is free. Check prices:

– Singing in the Shower Sticker for R$34.56.

– Seahorse Sticker for R$48.60.

– Wave Sticker for R$82.62.

– Beach sticker for R$125.06.

mute my house
The website has several options of stickers to decorate the bathroom, which can be applied to the tile, glass or wall. Check out some prices:

– Sticker swimming in the box for R$110.00.

– Little Piece of the Sea Sticker for R$112.00.

Fran Stickers
In the virtual store you can find stickers that cover the beach, surfers, whales, the seabed, among many others. Prices are very affordable, ranging from R$14.90 to R$69.90. The value depends on the size and type of design.

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