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Stephen Curry went viral on social networks after accidentally hitting a ball boy (Video)

Stephen Curry with Golden State Warriors.

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Golden State Warriors managed to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks by a score of 125-116 and much of this victory was thanks to Stephen Curry. However, the NBA figure gave something to talk about through a blooper before the game in which a ball boy ended up being hit by a ball.

In the run-up to the game at the Chase Center, Curry was practicing some long shots from basket to basket and ended up delivering a hard ball to the face of a spectator who was on the court. The ball traveled at least 30 meters before hitting the young man’s humanity.

The incident was captured on video and spread like wildfire on social media. In the recording, the moment in which Curry throws the ball from the tunnel that is located behind one of the rings is visible. However, the shot didn’t come close to reaching the other rim, coming up short and landing on the head of a ball boy.

In the clip it was also possible to see how the ball made him lose his balance and caused his glasses to fall to the ground. The audiovisual reached 3.3 million views on Twitter.

Clearly, this fact was a breeding ground for Internet users to react on social networks with creative comments, jokes and memes. “I would have dropped to the ground and refused to get up until Steph transfers 2 million into my bank account,” one user wrote.

“Curry, in the center of the city… BANG! BANGGGGG!”; “I would happily tell my friends about this,” were other opinions on Twitter.

One of those reactions also came from Stephen, who wrote on Instagram that he had given his shirt to the affected person. “Best game worn jersey I’ve ever given away. My fault, Jonathan,” he stated. In that game, Curry scored 36 points, with 26 coming in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime.

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