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Stephanie Salas confesses that Humberto Zurita makes her jealous and reveals his reasons

Humberto Zurita talks about his relationship with Stephanie Salas.

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The courtship between Stephanie Salas Y Humberto Zurita keep giving something to talk about. In this song it was the member of the Pinal Dynasty who made a tremendous revelation about her relationship with the Mexican actor.

In a recent interview with the “Despierta América” ​​program, the daughter of Sylvia Pasquel opened up and pointed out that she is sometimes jealous of other women who approach her boyfriend and more when they insinuate on the actor.

Now that they both share the stage in the play “Daddy dear”, Stephani has noticed the popularity of the actorso he has had to implement certain strategies to avoid being carried away by jealousy.

“In addition to being a great actor, because he is, he is definitely a very coveted lover, but I really believe that your partner gives you that security. I know, I always tell him the idol, I tell him Elvis Presley, I tell him ‘Don’t worry, I know you’re Elvis’, that is, they all throw themselves at him and I have to see it and swallow it and there is no problem ”


After publicly announcing their courtship, both Salas and Zurita have been seen to be very happy and have shown that their love is true, for which reason even their wedding plans are already rumored.

Nevertheless, The couple has denied these plans, although they have stressed that they have a very special connection and that their relationship is not temporary.which has left many with their mouths open.

The relationship is so transparent to the media that, during a recent press conference, the actors talked about how they cope with the ups and downs and how they have grown accustomed to being in the public eye.

One of the ups and downs that the couple has faced is the gallantry of Humberto Zurita, who is very popular with women of all ages, situation with which Stephanie does not feel very happy, but trusts that it will soon pass.

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