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step by step to beautiful feet

In need of more care for your feet? Here’s the solution: learn how to do a pedicure at home. Get healthy and beautiful feet and nails.

Contrary to what many women think, doing the pedicure at home it’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. And if you’re thinking at this point that you’re not good at taking care of your toenails, don’t worry. With our tips and the step-by-step tutorial below, you’ll see how you can do it.

You can even take advantage of a homemade spa afternoon to do a foot spa too. Remember that keeping yourself looking nice and tidy, even when you are at home, is essential for good self-esteem.

So, take care of yourself and feel even more beautiful.

Want to learn how to do a pedicure at home?


Start by putting your feet in hot water and exfoliate

The first step to doing your pedicure at home is to place your feet in a basin of hot water for about 5 minutes, and then move on to exfoliation. You can choose to exfoliate with a specific foot scrub, or with a thicker body.

The idea is to completely and deeply remove dead cells, in order to leave your feet beautiful and soft.

Depending on the characteristics of your feet, it is likely that to do a pedicure at home you will need a specific product to remove calluses.

It is important that you do not do without this item, as this is the only way to eliminate calluses more easily, without hurting the skin of your feet.

However, if you don’t have calluses, you can skip this step.


Take care of cuticles and skin

This is another fundamental but delicate step in the home pedicure. It is often at this stage that wounds tend to be made, causing unnecessary bleeding.

Start, therefore, by softening the cuticles with a specific product, which softens and helps to make removing the skin easier.

Cutting the skins with pliers is not recommended, especially for those who have little experience in handling this tool.

Therefore, a good suggestion is to push the skins towards the fingers. For that, you can use the accessory orange stick.

Do this step slowly so as not to get hurt.

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After treating the cuticles and skin, you should cut your nails and file them, giving them the shape you prefer (rounder or more square).

If you want to invest in a more specific tool, which, in addition to filing, is able to polish and shine the nail, you can always buy an electronic file.

If you don’t want to spend more money, you can use your usual nail file, after cleaning it, but file it carefully, so that the nails are all the same size.


Hydrate your feet well

After taking care of the cuticles and the size of the nails, it’s time for the best part: moisturizing your feet well. Have a very moisturizing cream specifically for this area of ​​the body with you, and take the opportunity to massage yourself.

Allow the feet to fully absorb the cream before continuing with the pedicure. This is a good time to relax a bit and enjoy your pedicure at home.


Apply a nail base

Before reaching the most awaited moment, coloring your nails, it is important to apply a strengthening base on each nail, previously clean and dry.

This way, the nails will be more resistant, and therefore, the color polish you apply will last longer, without coming off or peeling off.


Apply your favorite nail polish

Finally, the moment that everyone is looking forward to the most has arrived: coloring your nails. Put on the finger separator, so the nails don’t touch each other, and get ready to paint.

Choose your favorite nail polish shade and paint nail by nail, calmly. After applying two layers of varnish, let it dry well and then apply the top coat.

By this time you will already have fairy feet, soft and hydrated, with beautiful nails. Wait for the top coat to dry very well while reading a book or watching a series.

As you can see, it’s really easy to do a pedicure at home. But if at this point you’re still having doubts about how to do it, see below the step-by-step video.

Say hello to beautiful feet, the easy and inexpensive way.

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