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Step by step – this is how you take care of your tulips so they last longer

We never tire of tulips! The classic flower is welcome to brighten up both the living room, kitchen and hall! But it’s so sad when they start to fade after just a few days, so we’ve collected the tips that extend the lifespan of the tulips so that you can enjoy your bouquet a little extra!

Photo: Kosta Boda/Klong

Tulips are synonymous with the long-awaited spring! They are not only fantastically beautiful, crispy and fresh, but also easy to look after – as long as you know the right tricks! The popular flower that comes in several different colors and shapes actually caused one of the first financial bubbles in Holland in the 17th century.

In other words, the tulips have been immensely popular way back in time, and still are today. With a few simple tricks, you can also make them live extra long in the vase. As cut flowers, they can live between 5-13 days, but remember that they are thirsty rascals that need to be topped up at regular intervals.

Do this to make your tulips last longer!

1. Use a knife to give the stems a new cut. If you use scissors, it is easy to mash the stems. The new cut surface makes them absorb water better! The cut should go diagonally across the stem, to give as much surface as possible to absorb water from.

2. Used cool water with plant nutrients that you change every other day.

3. Do not remove the plastic immediately! Let the tulips stand for at least an hour before you remove the packaging, and they will be supported while they absorb the fresh water, this will give the tulips better stability and a more upright posture.

For the first few hours, you can be generous with the water. But when you then remove the packaging, you can take the opportunity to pour some water. Too much water can make your tulips long and lanky and they wilt faster

4. Avoid placing them in sunlight or near an element during the day.

To further extend the lifespan, you can cool the tulips overnight and avoid placing them near fruit. The fruit emits a gas that causes the flowers to develop faster.

Don’t forget that tulips grow further in the vase and therefore need plenty of space. The best tulip vase is a wider variety, with a generous opening so that the tulips have room to flourish, and so that they do not stand too tightly packed.

We have also selected the most beautiful tulip vases in the store right now. Find your new favorite below!

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