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Stencil in decor: ideas, photos

Decoration is the soul of any home. In order for it to become exclusive and full of style, residents need to bet on forms of personalization. One idea that is doing well is the stencil work to illustrate the walls, the floor and even the furniture.

The stencil is a technique that allows you to illustrate the walls. (Photo: Disclosure)

The stencil is usually used to end the sameness of environments, that is, with the monotony of the house. You don’t need to be an artist to carry out the painting, you just need to know the technique.

What this article covers:

The stencil technique

The stencil is a hollow mold, usually made from a thicker material, such as acetate. It can be found on sale in different versions, which allow you to make various creative drawings and very tasteful.

THE stencil technique It is very simple to put into practice and it even seems like a joke. To make it, just position the mold on the surface to be decorated and then apply a little paint. In this way, the stencil figure will be reproduced exactly and without complications.

The hollow mold was used to make designs. (Photo: Disclosure)

The stencil offers many possibilities for decorate the house🇧🇷 One just needs a little dedication and time to transform the surfaces and surprise everyone with the results.

Before starting the stencil painting, it is necessary to fasten the mold very firmly with masking tape on the surface. The paint cannot leak beyond the mold areas, otherwise the wall design will be spoiled.

The best way to apply the paint it is relying on the help of a sponge and a beater brush. These two tools make the finish flawless. When using the sponge, you need to put a little paint, otherwise the paint will leak more than it should.

The stencil can be used to refurbish furniture. (Photo: Disclosure)

THE stencil decoration it is advantageous in many aspects, after all, working with mold and paint is much cheaper than buying wallpaper. The choice of designs to decorate is also capable of reflecting the preferences of the residents, such as their favorite band or their favorite pattern.

The stencil allows you to make great transformations at home. The technique can bring a white wall to life and even modernize an old piece of furniture. Mold painting can also be put into practice to customize textiles.

Stencil templates are available at craft stores, stationery stores, or specialty stores. The Molde Vazado website also has great shopping options.

Stencil photos in decoration

See below for a selection of stencil photos in decoration and get inspired by these creative ideas to decorate the house:

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