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Steering wheel replacement price – in 2022

The flywheel, a mechanical element typically found in a vehicle with a manual transmission, is what creates energy from rotation and stores it for future use. This part will ensure that all manual gears work as required each time the driver engages the clutch.

At the same time, in circumstances where torque occurs at irregular periods, the flywheel will have the ability to supplement with its stored energy.

When this part stops working, you may start to feel the gears slipping as you try to swap them or sometimes the gears may move on their own.

Clutch and flywheel replacement price

Expenses to repair a steering wheel will depend significantly on the mechanic/dealer you hire, your geographic location, and the make/model of your car. After doing our own research, we can say that the parts can differ considerably, ranging from just €40 up to more than €300. When it comes to labor, replacement, including the price of parts, can vary between €400 and €1,300 total.

Since this part is on the engine, a mechanic will need to spend a few hours, usually around 4, taking your vehicle apart to remove the flywheel for replacement. As you probably already know, with every hour a mechanic wastes on your vehicle, the more he will have to pay considering that almost all garages or mechanics will charge by the hour. With the typical store charging €100 per hour, you should be prepared for labor costs of around €400.

Remember that these are the costs of the flywheel part itself and may not include the other required parts that need to be changed at the time of the repair job. If you requested additional repair work, then the expenses, depending on these additional repairs, would be considerably different. From what we saw online, several people also required their starter to be changed, which added €300 to €500 additional to the total price.

Brand/model and reported price (for parts + labor)

  • Audi A4 €990
  • Ford Scan €570
  • Ford F-150 €770
  • Ford Taurus €875
  • VW Jetta €1,200 (for flywheel and clutch)

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In a forum thread AnandTechfor example, one member said he was given an estimate of €350 for a starter motor and others €450 to change the steering wheel. He mentioned that his mechanic was unable to determine if the flywheel required replacement until the starter and associated parts were removed.

A member of the Ford-Trucks online forum thread mentioned that his regional dealer gave him an estimate of €950 by the starter motor, the flywheel and the fluids.

On RepairPal, a visitor asked if the quotes he got were close to the best price and said he was asked to pay between €600 and €1,000.

When it comes to parts alone, the costs will depend on your type of transmission. In autozone, For example, manual and automatic transmission parts can cost between €50 and €115 usually though, again this is for the part only.

The process of repair work.

As soon as the steering wheel is verified to be the faulty part, the vehicle will be secured and the front wheels and wheel hubs removed from the vehicle.

Next, the oil drain plug will also be removed, allowing oil to flow into an oil pan.

As the oil drains, the nuts, which are created to hold the strut assembly in place, will loosen so the specialist can separate the struts.

The transmission will also remove the stabilizer rods, which are held together via pins on each rod.

The cables, which are attached to the engine and run up to the battery, are removed to effectively remove the transmission.

Now, the transmission can be removed by loosening the bolts, and here, the mechanic will have a chance to find the pressure plate and flywheel. This pressure plate will be removed, along with the clutch disc and flywheel.

From there, as soon as all these parts are removed, the new steering wheel will be installed and all parts will be reassembled in reverse order.

Finally, engine oil will be added back and the engine will be started to test the flywheel. Now, if changes are needed, they will be made right now.

Typical steering wheel replacement, depending on car make and model, will take between 5 and 9 hours to complete.

Signs of a bad steering wheel

If the device starts to malfunction, one of the main signs you’ll feel will be the gears slipping every time you move, usually when downshifting to a smaller gear. As time goes by, the gears can start to move on their own, out of your control, eventually contaminating the engine oil due to thrust plate grinding. This sign, if felt, will unfortunately never go away, ignoring it will only make things worse, and the more you neglect it, the louder the squeak will end up being and the more damaging it could become to use the car.

Sometimes a slight burning smell can be observed inside the car. This odor is usually due to the clutch being used unnaturally, either due to driver error or steering wheel error. Since the clutch produces a lot of heat, the smell can become quite strong over time if the flywheel is considered to be the problem. To verify that it is the part and not driver error, you will need to pay attention to any jolts originating from the ground as you shift gears. If you feel this, it could suggest that the steering wheel mount function is faulty, developing this vibration as the mount is created to prevent this in the first place.

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