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Steam will soon let you play with your Nintendo Switch Joycons • ENTER.CO

Soon you will be able to say, without kidding, that you lost a match in a PC game because of the Joycon Drift.

Through a publication for its community, Valve reported that from today it is possible to use the Nintendo Switch joycons in its beta. The controllers can be connected and synced individually or together, just like they can be used on the Nintendo Switch.

The update only allows games to recognize controllers, but does not add native controller functionality. That is, you do not have the gyroscope function that the controls of the Switch have. It’s also worth noting that the update is only available in the beta client, and for that reason you should expect problems syncing controls or issues with commands.

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There is no confirmation on when this feature will arrive for all Steam users.

Valve certainly earns points for those who have their Joycons and want to use them to play some title on their PC. Not that Joycons are exactly the most popular controller for this. In fact, the most popular for many users is already one from Nintendo, with its Pro Controller that is quite comfortable, has good independence and does not require a special client to be connected. The joycons, on the other hand, are part of those pieces of technology that are sometimes better left alone and individual controls are not exactly the most comfortable option out there.

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