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start preparing the body for the party

We’ve all heard about detoxifying diets designed for the after-party period, namely the post-Christmas period. But had he ever heard of prenatal detox??

Because this is an increasingly popular and followed plan that proposes not only to detoxify the body, but also the spirit, in those weeks or days before the great celebration of the Christmas??

Very simple to follow and to put into practice for all of us, it reserves that little extra space for that delicious Christmas sweets, while making our minds more open and available for fraternization and socializing that are characteristic of this time of year.

Ready to find out what a prenatal detox plan is all about?!

Prenatal detox: what is it and how to do it?

The days are certainly starting to count down for that celebration that brings the whole family together at the table, fills the house with irresistible flavors and makes children look forward to the arrival of Santa Claus.

However, we also all know that after so much celebration, there are a few extra pounds that tend to lodge in our bodies and that make us regret every piece of toast we eat.

So that this does not happen, we must bet – more than on a post-Christmas detox – on a pre-Christmas detox, that is, adopt a series of behaviors that prepare our body and mind for a few days that are a little atypical and with some exaggerations. .

This does not imply starving or fasting for several days. However, it is important to invest in less caloric foods, richer in water and, there you have it, with a more detoxifying effect.


This pre-Christmas detox can, in fact, be put into practice before any festive period, be it Christmas, your birthday party or even summer holidays, when you know you’re always putting on a few extra pounds. Pay attention now to the following measures.


In the period leading up to the holidays, it is essential to keep your body well hydrated. Therefore, drink plenty of water and, if you like, also consume coconut water, fruit juices that are especially rich in water, such as melon and watermelon, and teas.

In addition to keeping the body functioning at full capacity, these products will have a fundamental diuretic action to detoxify the body.

Another good practice is to drink two large glasses of water in the morning, as well as drink a little water before going to eat anything. In addition to controlling appetite, this will also help the liver to work more efficiently in the detoxification process.

Prenatal Detox: Eating Lighter Meals

Choose lighter lunches, made up of greens and seeds (almonds, sesame, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,…) which are more satisfying and allow you to stay hungry for longer.

In other meals, you can also cook roasted vegetables, quinoa and add lean meat or fish.

Snacks are also important and should also be balanced meals. Therefore, this is a good time of day to bet on smoothies, fruit salads and dried fruits, as they are snacks tasty, filling and easy to prepare and transport.

Finally, at dinner time, you should prefer healthy and light soups, flavored with fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil and parsley.

Preparation of detox juices

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Eat on a smaller plate

This may seem like a basic and unimportant tip, but its effect is real and helps a lot with weight control. Start making your meals on smaller plates.

This pre-Christmas detox trick is valid for the whole year and you’ll see that it’s an excellent way of not exaggerating the amount of sweets you eat at this time.

Walking and exercising

There’s still time to go for a walk and exercise, two other practices that you should maintain throughout the year. However, before the festive season, it is essential to move and move more intensely and regularly, not only to exercise the body, but also to relax and decompress, as we all know with the pre-Christmas season it can be stressful.

meditate and relax

Following what we said earlier, taking some time to breathe and relax is really important, in a phase known for its rush and stress. In moments of anxiety, do the following exercise:

  • breathe for four seconds;
  • hold for four seconds;
  • exhale for four seconds.

Repeat the procedure four times. This meditation exercise only lasts 1 minute, but it can do a lot for your inner well-being. This is also a good form of prenatal detox.

be nice to others

More than ever, during the Christmas season, it makes sense to be kind and closer to those around us. This, not only with regard to our family and friends, but also the people we cross paths with every day, even though we don’t know them.

Look more into the eyes, smile more and you will see how you will feel better and make everything around you flow in a more natural and pleasant way.

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