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Square root

The square root has been used since time immemorial in mathematics for various functions. This symbol represents a number that, multiplied by itself, results in different values. Example, the square root of 16 is equal to 4, since if we multiply this number by itself it gives 16. In other words, we say that the number 4 squared is 16. square root Symbol

Now, we take into account that making this symbol in Windows, Mac or Linux is somewhat complicated. For the same reason, we are going to see step by step what are the techniques necessary to write this symbol in the different operating systems.

NameSquare root
ASCII code 251
HTML entity&rad;
Combination on Windows ALT+251
Merge on Macor ⌥ (opt) + V
Combination on LinuxShift + Ctrl + u255a

write on windows

In Windows there are various methods to be able to write square root , although, on the keyboard, due to space limitations, we do not have this facility. Next, we can see the following methods to be able to make this symbol:

With keyboard:

Unfortunately, due to the space limitations of a keyboard, it is not possible to include all the special symbols that are required. So, in other words, we don’t have the facility to write the symbol for the square root in this way.

With ALT and ASCII code

A widely used method to be able to write the square root is to use the ALT key and write a code with it to get a special symbol. If we follow the following instructions we can take the square root.

  1. In the first instance we need to identify the ALT Gr key on the keyboard, once this is done, we press it without releasing it
  2. Then, keeping this key pressed, we type the code 251 on the numeric keypad.
  3. After performing these steps, we stop pressing the ALT key, where you have the pointer the square root symbol should appear

It is important that you enter this code using the numeric keypad, as entering it with the numbers above the QWERTY keys may cause the key combination to not work.

On a laptop or notebook

In case a laptop does not have a numeric keyboard, it can be accessed with the following key combinations:

  1. We activate the numerical keyboard that they have provisionally with the function key (Fn) + NumLock
  2. The numeric keyboard would become the following keys: The numbers 7, 8 and 9 would continue to maintain these functions. The keys U, I, O, J, K and L would become the rest of the numbers
  3. At the end you must type the same code ALT + 256 to write the square root
  4. In the end, we deactivate the temporary keyboard by pressing the Fn + NumLock key again

write on mac

Although Mac OS is completely different from Windows in many ways, we can say that typing some special characters is not that complicated. In order to write the square root we must perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the place where you want to make said symbol, then, we must press the Option key (Option)
  2. Without releasing the Option key, we must press the uppercase V key, if you perform the same procedure with the lowercase v key, another symbol will appear
  3. Once you’ve done the steps above, we need to release the Option key. You will automatically realize that the symbol will already be written in the document where you wanted to make it.

write to linux

In Linux there are different ways to reproduce the special characters. To write the square root, we need to access the Unicode hexadecimal codes, in this sense we will see the following:

  1. We must press two keys at the same time, Shift and Ctrl, keeping them pressed during almost the entire procedure
  2. Without releasing any of these two keys, we must press u255a , in that same order, keep in mind that you must use the numeric keypad to perform these actions.
  3. Once we have followed the previous steps, we proceed to release the Shift and Ctrl keys, once this is done we will realize that the square root symbol would be in the document.

About the symbol

The square root symbol has been used since ancient times mathematically to transform rational numbers into algebraic numbers. Another feature is solving quadratic equations and clearing up physics, chemistry, and statistics formulas.

The Ahmes papyrus dates back to 1650 BC, it shows how the Egyptians extracted square roots. In ancient Babylon, square roots were done by repeatedly doing arithmetic mean calculations. As you can see, a symbol of great importance that has had its place in humanity since ancient times.

Keyboard shortcuts can help you type and navigate through computer tools much faster. Symbols usually have shortcuts specific to the operating system you are using. Shortcuts generally work in any program you use with keys. The Windows keyboard shortcut for the square root symbol is ALT + 251.

Paso 1

Turn on the numeric keypad. Keyboard shortcuts that require numbers only work if you use the numeric keypad. Using the numbers over the alphabet will not produce the desired symbol. Use the “Num Lock” key to turn on the number padlock.

Paso 2

Hold down the “Alt” key on the PC keyboard. While holding down the “Alt” key, type the number 251 from the numeric keypad. This should produce the square root symbol shown as “√”.

Paso 3

Hold down the “Option” key and type “V” into the Mac computer to produce a square root symbol.

Using the proper key combination, you can put the square root symbol anywhere in a document.

Let’s see the procedure step by step.

Using the square root

The use of the square root dates back to nothing more and nothing less than the Babylonian period, approximately 1700 BC, although it is estimated that its origin could be even older. The square root is the relationship between an initial number and the number obtained by raising it to the power of two or, using more popular terms, squared .

The square root is related to many other mathematical concepts such as: quadratic equations, trigonometry, or irrational numbers, among others.

Square root symbol in Windows

In order to put the square root symbol on a Windows computer, you must activate the numeric keypad and enter the following key combination:

Alt + 251This mathematical symbol will automatically appear in the part of the document that you need.Another way to do it is from Microsoft Word. For it:

You must open a Microsoft Word document and click on a blank spot

Click on the Insert menu > Symbol > More symbols

In the drop-down menu click on Subset

Click on Number formats and select the square root symbol

Square root symbol on Mac

Square root

If you have a Mac computer, the procedure is different. To put the square root symbol, you must enter the following key combination:

Tecla Option + V

Type the Square Root Symbol (√) with the Keyboard this 2022

25-03-2022 02:01:05 am

The square root symbol (√) is a letter “r” that was modified to resemble the Latin word Radix since it means Root in Spanish. It is used in mathematical operations to show that the number below is the result of the multiplication of 2 numbers that are the same, for example, the square root of 144 is 12 since 12 × 12 gives 144 as a result.

This symbol, not being used very regularly, does not have its own key nor does it share a key with another symbol or letter, so there is no way to directly put the Square Root symbol with any combination of buttons that involves the Alt or Shift and the number pad, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be placed in other ways, so now we present other alternatives to insert it.

Typing the Square Root Symbol (√) in Windows

Since there is no way to put it directly with any key or combination involving the Alt or Shift keys that doesn’t involve the numeric keypad, we’ll skip straight to ASCII code on desktops and laptops.

Put the Square Root Symbol (√) with the ASCII code in PC

  1. We start as usual by pressing the Alt key located to the left of the space bar.
  2. Holding Alt , press the 2 5 1 keys , located to the right of the keyboard.
  3. When you finish pressing the 2 5 1 keys , release the Alt key and the symbol (√) will appear

Insert Square Root Symbol (√) on Laptops

  1. Press the « Fn » key and followed by the  «num lk» key , it is possible that this key does not appear with this name on all laptops, sometimes it appears with the name  «Scroll lk» .
  2. Holding down the  Fn key  and pressing the  num lk key will activate a numeric keypad within your keyboard.
  3. This keyboard is the  m,j,k,l,u,i,o,7,8 and 9 , each of these keys is assigned a number, which would be these  (M-0), (J-1) , (K-2). (L-3), (U-4), (I-5), (O-6), (7-7), (8-8) and (9-9 ).
  4. The code to place the square root symbol (√) on a laptop is  ALT + K + I + J .
  5. Remember that the Alt key must always be pressed and released until the letters  KIJ are placed .

Typing the Square Root Symbol (√) on Mac

As in the Microsoft operating system, there is no key for this symbol, so we will do the following steps:

  1. We press the Option key .
  2. Hold down the Option key and without releasing, press the uppercase V key. (Remember that the letter V must be capitalized)
  3. Now it only remains to release the Option key and you already have the Square Root symbol (√ ) on your MAC.

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