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Spring garden decor trends 2015

Spring garden decor trends 2015 is the subject of the article below, in which we will comment on what will be in vogue in relation to gardens, in the next season of the year, which is about to start all over Brazil.

Spring garden decoration trends 2015 (Illustrative Photo)

One of the most beautiful seasons of the year, spring marks the renewal of the foliage of trees and bushes, which are covered with flowers and attract everyone’s attention. In the case of gardens, which had characteristics related to winter, it is time to make some changes.

Arranging new and spring-specific plants, changing pots, changing decor and cleaning flower beds are some of the tasks for anyone who wants to adapt their garden to spring.

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What this article covers:

Spring garden decor trends 2015

The spring garden must be very colorful (Illustrative Photo)

For spring 2015, one of the trends garden decoration it’s in the fruit trees, which are very beautiful in season and give the space a new face. But for them to be lush, they need to be pruned, so they will be better prepared to receive the fruits.

Among the spring garden trends 2015, there is also the act of planting flowers, fruits and vegetables in vases or planters, to make the place more attractive and colorful. This style of decoration is also good for smaller houses and apartments. It is worth betting on different formats, sizes and colors of the vases, aligning them with the rest of the design of the space.

One of the spring garden trends is the creation of an area to relax on the spot (Illustrative Photo)

Decoration for gardens 2015 new trends

The creation of a zen space in the spring garden is another strong trend in 2015, allowing residents of the residence and their guests to enjoy this beautiful part of the house to relax, talk, read a book or listen to music.

In this case, you can use ottomans, chairs, benches and a side table, not forgetting the lighting, to make the most of the space during the night, as it is very hot at that time. Assorted flowers and their fragrance complete the spring garden decor.

Take good care of your garden

For the garden to be even more beautiful, it is necessary to take good care of it (Illustrative Photo)

Garden decoration requires care – tips

In addition to decoration, it is also good to pay attention to care for the spring garden, so that he is always beautiful. To do so, fertilize the plants once a month, check the water needs of each one and water them correctly, leave the grass at a maximum height of 9 cm and check for pests attacking the site (use alternative pesticides to eliminate the problem ).

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