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Spring equinox: 3 rituals to attract love and good luck

This Monday, March 20, we will witness one of the most mystical astronomical events of the year. the spring equinox marks the beginning of the season when everything in nature flourishes and at the same time the new astrological year, as the Sun reaches Aries opening the zodiac cycle. This magical energy is perfect to attract love and good luck into our lives.

If you like harness the energy of the spring equinox To strengthen finding love, strengthen your relationship or take it to the next level, as well as attract good luck, we recommend you do one of the following rituals.

Ritual to find love in spring

The ritual consists of taking a rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarine or lapis lazuli together with a sheet where you previously write down the qualities of your ideal partner. Make sure that these characteristics are not only physical, but also in their personality and treatment towards you.

Do a little meditation thinking about the qualities of your ideal partner, then keep the quartz under your pillow and go to sleep asking the universe to fulfill your designs, explained Glamour.mx in an article.

Ritual to have love in your life

If you want to have a love life with your partner, family and friendship, this is the right ritual for you. The natural element that is associated with the spring equinox is fire, so you will use a candle, preferably white.

Write a letter to the universe asking it to allow you to have a harmonious life in love. Explain to him what your main desire is, for example, to get along better with your partner, to be patient with your parents, or to have healthy friendships.

Exactly at the time of the equinox, that is, at 17:24 ETlight the candle with a match and burn the paper.

Ritual to be lucky in love, money and health

This ritual covers the 3 most important aspects in life: health, love and money. Prepare 3 pots with soil and in one plant a verbena seed, representative of money, in the second one of rosemary for health and in the third one of cloves for love.

You will have to water the pots once a week throughout the spring, this ritual tells the universe that you want to “bloom” in these 3 aspects of your life, explained the Siempre Mujer site, so you should take good care of your pots.

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