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Spring equinox 2023: 3 rituals to recharge your energy

The spring equinox occurs next Monday, March 20. and it’s the perfect time to recharge your batteries. Rituals help us take advantage of this astrological event which, in addition to marking a seasonal change, means the start of the new astrological year as the Sun will begin its journey through Aries, the first zodiac sign.

The March Equinox symbolizes a moment of spiritual renewal in which we are called to flourish in our best version, that is, to let go of what does not let us move forward and prepare to receive a new cycle.

For this reason, it is important to cleanse our energy of all the negativity that our aura absorbed in the first months of the year. Next, we select 3 rituals to charge your energy with the spring equinox 2023.

Ritual to purify energy and charge yourself with abundance

One day before the equinox, that is, Sunday March 19Light a palo santo or copal incense and pass it all over your body. In a pot with water, place some white and red rose petals and let it boil for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let rest for about 30 minutes.

Empty the water in a jug and with it wash your hands, without drying them, write down on a sheet your most important desires that you want the universe to fulfill; now make it a roll and put it in a glass container in which you will add seeds that you have at home. When one of your wishes comes true, bury the seeds in a pot or garden.

Ritual to ward off bad vibes and activate spring energy

Get a bell or failing that, a glass or glass cup. Play it so that the sound drives away bad vibrations. Now place a white candle on an extended plate and place it in the center of your house. Around her, on the plate, she spreads some seeds and fruits of the season.

Light the candle with a match, then the incense of your choice and go through all the corners of your house so that the smell and smoke purify the energies. To finish, put out the candle with your fingers and store the seeds in a white cloth bag until the end of spring.

Ritual to recharge energy

On March 20, wear white and write on a list your most desired desires and intentions. Now carry out a meditation exercise where you visualize how the sunlight enters your body from the head and illuminates everything inside you.

Now with a match, burn the paper on your wish list and let the air blow away the ashes. Finally, get rid of all the broken or old things that you no longer use.

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