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Spring boost the skin with serum – 6 favorites that provide moisture and shine

Give your face a much-needed spring boost with a lovely and effective serum, which moisturizes and gives shine to any winter-weary skin. At Metro Mode, we recommend six luxurious and beneficial serums, which give the face a real dose of love after a long, cold winter. Invest in a lovely variant that replenishes moisture and provides a perfect foundation for spring makeup.

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After a long, cold winter, we long for sun and warmth! And so here in the borderland between cold and spring, the skin deserves a little extra love and care. To remedy dryness and give new luster to tired winter skin, a beneficial and effective serum is perfect to add to your skin care routine. Serum goes deeper into the skin and is used under the face cream to give an extra moisture boost. Just what the face needs right now, in other words.

We have selected several types of serum that, for example, contain properties that are moisturizing, nourishing and reduce lines, as well as leaving the skin with a nice and healthy glow.

Here we have collected some of our favorites that boost the face with moisture this spring!

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