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Sports Talent Scholarship: How It Works, Registration

Athletes who are experiencing difficulties can register on the Sports Talent Scholarship Program in 2021 to receive the Government benefit.

Keep reading to learn more about the scholarship options and who can receive amounts of up to R$2,490 per month. Also find out how to register to get this help.

What this article covers:

How the Sports Talent Scholarship Program works

Let’s start to understand what is the Bolsa Talento Esportivo program. This is a way that the state government found to help practitioners of high-performance school sports.

According to the program’s official website, the idea is to expand the scope of the sport and encourage its practice. To this end, the Talento Esportivo Scholarship provides financial support to athletes at different levels of excellence.

Remembering that the registration in the Sports Talent Scholarship It applies to any sport. The idea is to improve performance and improve the career of athletes in the state and throughout Brazil.

Payment Sports Talent Scholarship

Bear in mind that the great differential of this program, which is now part of the great action Bolsa do Povo SP, are the values ​​of the Talent scholarships. Payments range from R$415 to almost R$2,500.

Check, in order, how are the payments and values ​​of the Sports Talent Scholarship??

  • Student Athlete Scholarship (14 to 17 years old): BRL 415;
  • Junior Scholarship (17 to 21 years old): R$500 to R$830;
  • National level (over 21 years): R$ 1,245 to R$ 1,160;
  • International Level (any age): R$2,045 to R$2,490.

Requirements to participate in the Sports Talent Scholarship

But can anyone sign up? Yes, however there are some limitations and prerequisites for who can receive the Talent Scholarship?? For those who are curious, the announcements disclose details for each category.

Look who is entitled to Bolsa Talento SP:

  • Student: athletes who are part of educational institutions (public or private) with expressive results in state or national competitions;
  • Juniors: athletes with results at state or national level;
  • National: only athletes participating in national teams in their modality;
  • International: only athletes participating in world championships, Pan American, Parapan, Olympic or Paralympic Games.

How to register for the Sports Talent Scholarship

finally find out How to register to receive the Talento Esportivo Scholarship?? The entire initial process is available on the registration form that is available on the official website.

Check out the following step-by-step application for Bolsa Talento 2021??

  1. Go to the official website the Bolsa Talento Esportivo SP program;
  2. In the side menu choose the option ‘Inscriptions’;
  3. Now download the ‘Registration Form’;
  4. Fill in all the data correctly and follow the registration instructions below:
  5. “The athlete must PERSONALLY DELIVER or SEND BY MAIL this signed application form and with the documents requested in article 3 of the Internal Regulations (on the website) to the Sports Secretariat”
  6. The address is available on the form itself.

Now all you have to do is register for the program. Did you like the tips? Leave your comment.

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