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Sport when it’s hot: 10 tips to train well

Do sport when it’s hot is not easy. Those who are passionate about physical activity do not even like the heat nor humidity, because they cannot perform and feel uncomfortable during training. Also, to run either do sport when temperatures are very high exposes you to the risk of dehydrationheat stroke and other heat related illnesses.

However the sport It has many benefits. If you have finally dared to to run and you want to keep training despite the sweltering heat, the first thing you should know is that you have to let your body adjust to the high temperatures.

For this you need at least three or four daysduring which You must be very careful.

Here is a list of tips so you can continue practicing sports when it’s hot.

1 – When to play sports when it’s hot?

Be smart: if it is very hot, it is better do sports outdoors early in the morningin fact very early!

At night it is the second option, although the temperatures in the humid areas do not drop as much.

It is better not to do sports between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

If you go running, look for shady places (parks, trails, forests). Your body will gradually get used to the outside temperature.

2 – Sport when it’s hot: how much to drink?

When it is very hot, it is important to drink a lot of water, at least 2 liters a day, even if you do not practice any sport. So that, if you practice an aerobic sporta bottle of water is essential before, during and after to make the effort.

If you go for a run, you can carry a hydration pack with a water bladder, a water bottle on your wrist or a fanny pack with a bottle holder.

don’t wait for be thirsty to drink, hydrate regularly while you are active.

One or two sips every 10 minutes is enough. to optimize the recovery phase, since not drinking anything can damage muscle tissue and, therefore, the risk of injury is greater.

To know if you are dehydrated after running, check your urine: If it is light yellow, it means that you are well hydrated.

3 – Is it important to take supplements after sports?

According to him CREATES (Food and Nutrition Research Center), to replace water losses Y Mineral salts no need to resort to supplements or energy drinks and salt flats, since the simple water and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables they will restore everything you lost.

4 – Sport in the heat: how to dress

It is also important know how to dress for sports. Choose loose and breathable clothing so that your body cools down more easily. the clothes for run in summer It is specially designed for running when the temperature rises a lot.

The tissue helps to expel the sweat of the body, keeping skin dry.

5 – Do not push yourself too much

If it’s too hot, check your schedule and your goals. It’s stupid to try to fight the heat because you can lose.

Don’t expect to improve your race time, try to listen to your body and adapt your program depending on the weather conditions.

Remember that running too fast does not make you lose weight.. You can use RedApple’s Beginner Running Program and then move on to the Intermediate Program.

Therefore, the rule is always not to exceedbut try to slightly increase heart ratecalled the lipid threshold, because this is how adipose tissue can be consumed, the cause of many diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol.

6 – Sport when it’s hot: get your head wet!

Whether you play tennis as to Beach volleyball or you go for a 30-minute run in the park, it’s obvious that in this heat you put more stress on your body.

Therefore, for avoid heat stroke, we recommend that you get your head wet and the upper body from time to time.

7 – Shower before playing sports

Before going for a runshower with lukewarm water, especially if you do sports in the afternoon after work.

In addition to being nice and giving you energy backhelps your body to temper itself.

8 – Put on a hat and sunscreen

A hat is essential to protect you from the sun’s rays and useful to prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes.

Also, put on sunscreen (protection factor 50) on the skin to avoid burns. They are also very useful for outdoor sports an sweat band and some sunglasses with polarized lenses.

9 – Stop if you have a fast pulse

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you don’t feel well.. Pay attention to your body’s reactions, for example if you feel dizzy, nauseated or shaky.

Stop as soon as you feel any of these sensations.

10 – Sport when it’s hot: change the schedule!

Look at the weather forecast and, if it’s very hot, consider exercising at home with air conditioning or in the gym. ANDn short, 30 minutes on the treadmill without suffering from the heat can be a great way to fulfill the program that you have set for yourself.

Too you can try a water sport in summer: swimming, water aerobics, aquabike or swimming with mini fins.

And don’t worry, after the holidays you will be able to return to practicing sports in the open air in complete safety.

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