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Spontaneous selfies, the copy of Instagram to BeReal • ENTER.CO

Now it seems that a copy of Instagram is coming to BeReal. This time it is about one of the most popular functions of the new social network that is gaining popularity among young people: Spontaneous selfies.

Instagram does not give up its fight to become something more than a simple social network and therefore explore new developments. The problem is that its latest attempt at innovation is copying one of the main functions of a very new social network that is gaining popularity among young people: BeReal. The platform is reportedly running internal tests for a feature that will ask users of the social network to take unplanned selfies. These tests were discovered by the leaker and developer, Alessandro Paluzzi. This new Instagram feature would be called IG Candid Challenges.

Similar to BeReal, the IG Candid Challenges feature will send a notification to users at a random time during the day. It will ask them to take a photo with its front and rear cameras. The resulting image will be shared on your Instagram story. According to the leak, the feature can be triggered randomly at any time of day and will have a 2-minute window to do so. This could confirm that a copy of Instagram to BeReal does exist.

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A spokesperson for the Instagram company confirmed to Engadget that these tests are an internal prototype of the platform, but did not provide further details. For now, it is not clear when this ‘internal test’ could become a public trial. There is even the possibility that it will never reach that stage. It is not the first time that Instagram tests functions of other social networks. These tests have resulted in some changes and many of them were rejected by the users themselves. In fact, protests have been generated that force the platform to back down on some updates.

Image: Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

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