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Splicing process in discord due to renewal of spectra • ENTER.CO

There are only two weeks left for Gustavo Petro to position himself as the new president of Colombia. For this reason, the connection process has been advanced in the various entities and branches of government. On July 14, one of the joint meetings between the outgoing and incoming governments was held. In it, they discussed projects to expand the spectrum, which generated discord between the two governments.

In the review, the Petro government evidenced “early warnings”, for which it issued a letter addressed to José Manuel Restrepo, Minister of Finance. Apparently, the renewal of the electromagnetic spectrum for two telecommunications companies would be scheduled for 20 years. The Duque government plans to assign the spectra between August 3 and 4, as stated in the letter from the Petro government.

The points made by the incoming government on technology issues are:

  • The Vice Ministry of Connectivity is going to renew 20-year spectrum for Tigo and Telefónica. The idea of ​​the Outgoing Government is to assign it on August 3 or 4.
  • There is also a process within the Infrastructure Directorate for more than $100 billion for connectivity in San Andrés, which is thought to be awarded before August 7. Finally, an audit contract has been found within the surveillance and control department for approximately $28 billion.

It may interest you:

With the letter, the incoming government intends to stop the projects until they can be linked directly with the guidelines of the new government plan. Faced with this situation, Iván Duque’s team sent a letter in which they mentioned that both are projects that have already started their contractual process. In CONPES 4079 of 2022, the importance of bringing internet and Wi-Fi connection to low-income households was declared. In this CONPES it was established that the connection would be established before December 21, 2025. Among the benefited departments are Amazonas, Guainía, Vaupés, Vichada, San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

“The total investment of the project is $116,439 million pesos, being $66,175 million for Amazonas, Guainía, Vaupés, and Vichada; and $50,263 million for the San Andrés y Providencia project. Of that amount, $2,152 million will be available for 2022: $713 million on the Orinoquia-Amazon border and $1,439 million in San Andrés and Providencia,” the Duque government said.

Now, it only remains to wait how the splicing process is finished. Also wait if these and the other projects that are mentioned in the letter as “early warnings” will be stopped.

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