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Spiritual meaning of flowers: which ones to give on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is very close and now is the time to plan the best romantic evening. Flowers are the perfect gift to complement the datebut did you know that through them you share a hidden message?

Giving flowers symbolizes having feelings for that person either love, desire, affection, friendship or respect. The spiritual meaning depends on the type of flower that is included in the arrangement.

So, if you don’t want to send the wrong message, you need to know the symbolism of the flowers that you will give to your partner this February 14.


Roses are the most popular flowers on Valentine’s Day for their beauty, however, the meaning varies depending on the color chosen in the bouquet.

if you want to express love and desire red is the one, while pink tones say that you are in love or love that person. The yellow ones symbolize “I love you”, according to the site specialized in flowers Elemento Jade, so they are perfect for friends.


Tulips are delicate and beautiful flowers that should be given when we can not find the words to express what we feel for that person. The red ones represent unconditional love, the purple ones fidelity and honesty, the pink ones pure love and the yellow ones that their friendship is the most important.


These beautiful flowers with thin petals are regularly white so they represent purity. Choose these flowers if you want Convey to your date that you mean wellthat your love is pure and you do not want to hurt her.

If you have a partner through daisies, you show that you are happy in your relationship and you are loyal.


Due to the delicate nature of their petals and elegant petals, these flowers symbolize sensitivity, delicacy and elegance. Lilies should be given when we are in a stable relationship because denote confidence in him or her and convey good wishes.


These flowers symbolize joviality and joy, but in love they have a special meaning: they represent that you like that person and want something more. They are the perfect flowers for a romantic statement.to.


They are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowers that exist, but very delicate. It can be given to anyone to whom you want to say that they are elegant, sophisticated, important or distinguished.

However, be careful with the color you choose, for example, the white ones symbolize purity, the yellow ones eroticism (they are perfect for lovers) and the red ones passion. If you want to seduce someone, orchids are ideal.

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