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Spiritual meaning of finding money on the street: it is good or bad luck

The people who have found money on the street They might think that they were very lucky, after all, not everyone crosses the road with coins and bills as if it were a gift from heaven. Beyond the feeling of fortune, there is a spiritual message from the universe.

The superior energy of the cosmos or divine beings like angels try to communicate with us in different ways and to do so they use manifestations that we might think are random, but in reality they are not, so they are considered experts on the subject.

For example, according to angelic numerology, angels use repeated numbers to tell us that they hear our prayers. If you look at a sequence of figures regularly in your life like looking at the clock at exactly 11:11 and then looking at 1111 on a ticket, phone, address, etc., it means that you are in tune with them. Something similar happens when you find money on the street.

What does it mean spiritually to find money on the street?

When economic problems overwhelm or money is not enough and suddenly you find bills or coins on the floor, the spiritual message is that the divine beings know of your worries and remember that the universe will help you get ahead.

The coins or bills that we found on the floor they are a physical manifestation of our own luck, explained the Mystic Tarot YouTube channel in a video, so you should not reject this gift from the universe if the value is low. You express humility and good heart when you bow to the ground for that penny.

What ritual to do when you find money on the street?

If you are one of the lucky ones to find money on the street the first thing you should do is take it. Then repeat 3 times “thank you, thank you, thank you” and when you get home immediately wash the coin or bill with soap and water to remove negative energy. Place it in the sun for 30 minutes so that it is charged with positive energy and take that money with you for at least 30 days so that luck stays with you.

If you can and want to, keep that coin or bill in your wallet or wherever you keep your savings to serve as your lucky charm.

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