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Spiral staircase: models and photos

Spiral staircase: models and photos – The staircase is essential for certain homes, after all, it establishes the connection between the lower and upper floors. This element ensures the movement of people within the property, so it must have a structure with good stability and safety. There are several models of stairs that can be installed at home, but before choosing the best option, it is necessary to evaluate the available area, the number of landings and the budget. Depending on the choice, the staircase may end up taking on a leading role in decorating the living area.

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The spiral staircase is feasible mainly in small environments. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Spiral staircase: models and photos

There are ladders to suit all tastes and budgets, as is the case with the snail model. O helical effect of this element contributes to residential aesthetics, but it can also compromise the safety of children and the elderly.

Spiral staircase: tips, models

The staircase features an elegant design that adds to the decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

The spiral staircase is a widely used option when building a property, but it has pros and cons. It is advantageous because it allows you to save space at home and also ensures a beautiful design for complement the decor🇧🇷 Its use, when well planned, can bring benefits to the aesthetics of the environment, but it is essential to be careful with the measures.

A good spiral staircase cannot be overdone. space saving, as the minimum dimensions prevent the resident from moving up and down the steps. Experts recommend that spiral staircases have a minimum diameter of 1.20 meters and a gap of 1.30 meters in the slab for installation. When it is necessary to transport volume from one floor to another, these dimensions need to be enlarged so that the person does not run risks.

It is necessary to be concerned with the measures so that the ladder does not become dangerous. (Photo: Disclosure)

The gap created for install the ladder should be circular or square, in addition to leaving free space for the individual to slide their hands along the handrail. On average, the ladder will always be 10 centimeters shorter than the cutout in the slab.

Although the spiral staircase is capable of adding a lot to the decoration of a home, many people feel uncomfortable and insecure with this model. When it does not respect the minimum proportions and has an irregular installation, the spiral staircase increases the chances of falls and other accidents🇧🇷

stair models

there are several spiral staircase designs, who value both the classic or modern style. The pieces differ in terms of material, size, number of steps and finish, but always preserve their spiral effect. When installing a staircase at home, the resident can choose between versions of concrete, iron, wood, among other materials.

An alternative that usually works at home is the semi spiral staircase, which proposes the union of the straight staircase with the snail. Its design usually presents the spiral part at the bottom, while the part with straight lines prevails at the top.

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