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Sparks fly! Luka Doncic had a heated discussion with Devin Booker (Video)

Luka Doncic in a Dallas Mavericks game in the NBA.

Photo: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

This Sunday the Dallas Mavericks faced the Phoenix Suns and sparks flew after Luka Doncic and Devin Booker had a tense and heated exchange at the end of the game. Both players faced each other with three seconds left to finish the commitment that the visitors took 130 to 126.

The conflict arose after a play in which the Slovenian had the opportunity to score the winning basket, but ended up missing. Subsequently, Booker showed a provocative attitude and this caused Doncic to get upset and face his rival in a pit in which there were also insults and he needed the intervention of the other players to appease him.

Several videos of the altercation between the two circulated through social networks and although the content of their comments did not come out, the journalist Tim MacMahon published on Twitter the phrase that Doncic would have allegedly outlined. “Shut the fuck up.”

Doncic and Booker discussed the altercation

Already in the press conference after the duel, both players talked about what happened and the European downplayed the fight, but was blunt. “Alright. It is simply a competitive match. All good. Next time, don’t wait until there are three seconds left to talk, ”he said as he revealed that he had spoken to Devin before the tense crossing, but he could not repeat what he said to avoid being fined.

For his part, Booker also played down the discussion and blamed reporters for adding fuel to the fire. “You (journalists) don’t want everyone to be friends. We have some smoke… I have no problem with Luka on or off the track, but when we are racing, we are racing.”

Luka Doncic and Devin Booker had a pending account

The Suns guard and the Mavericks forward were already dragging the pique since the 2022 Playoffs when the Dallas team eliminated Phoenix and Luka Doncic stared with a mischievous smile at Devin Booker.

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