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Spam notifications? so you can deactivate them • ENTER.CO

I once heard as a curious fact that, on average, people have a hundred applications installed on their phones, for me there were many. When reviewing the apps that I have on my cell phone, I realized that there are many more than a hundred; I assure you that, if you check, you will have those or more. Now, we may not notice the number of apps we have installed…until hundreds of notifications begin to arrive a day, some of which we are not interested in.

If you want to stop seeing these types of notifications, but don’t want to uninstall the apps that send them, we’ll tell you how you can get rid of them. This will work for messages such as offers, events, advertising, etc. that are not relevant to you and that fill your notification bar every day.

The solution: turn off notifications

Disabling notifications is very simple. The first thing you should do is go to the settings of your phone, in some cell phones it will appear as ‘settings’ and in others as ‘settings’. Once you are inside, you should look for the ‘applications’ section, you will see all the apps that you have installed on the cell phone, both the native ones and those that you have installed manually.

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You must be clear about which are the applications that send you the notifications that do not interest you. Now, you must search the list for that application/s; when you click on that app, you will see an option called ‘notifications’, go there. You will see the number of messages that the application sends you during the day, in front, a button that turns on and off. It will be enough for you to deactivate this button so that notifications do not continue to flood your navigation bar.

If at any point you regret turning off notifications or chose the wrong app, you can always undo. The procedure to see the messages again is exactly the same, the difference is that this time you must leave the button activated, so all the ads from that app will arrive again.

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