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Sophie O’Neill, the British model who flirted with LeBron James during the Lakers game

LeBron James superstar of the Lakers.

Photo: Steph Chambers/Getty Images

It happened in the middle of the Lakers game against the Rockets, Sophie O’Neill, British model in front row seats flirted with LeBron James and they exchanged glances that quickly went viral through social media.

The video lasted just 10 seconds and reached a significant number of views. In the audiovisual it is observed how the blonde model smiles with the NBA star and he responds with another smile.

The same way O’Neill continues to bite his lips in a clear gesture of seduction to the 38-year-old playergenerating another smile from the Los Angeles Lakers players.

But who is Sophie O’Neill? She is a British model and businesswoman, also with this publication her followers on Instagram rose to more than 500 thousand. It is said that the aforementioned woman would have exclusively bought the tickets to see and capture the attention of LeBron James, something that she clearly achieved and that was also captured in images.

On her Instagram account, the blonde who also owns a tourism agency, He dedicates himself more than anything to showing off his figure and gaining many likes from his followers. Now he has one more story to tell and not with anyone but with LeBron James, one of the best basketball players in history.

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