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Soon you will be able to repent (in time) of a message sent by WhatsApp • ENTER.CO

At least three years ago, WhatsApp launched a highly requested feature by all users, the option to delete sent messages for all users, so that if you regret a sent message, you can “delete it for everyone” and that’s it. But, it is never enough for users. Since always, the application has been asked to integrate the option to edit messages once they have been sent, and finally, it seems to have heard the pleas.

In the middle of this year, the function that allows you to edit messages after they have been sent appeared for the first time in the mobile application. Unfortunately, the new function is not yet accessible, that is, it is found as code within the application’s mother code. Since then, we haven’t heard anything about the new option…until now.

As reported in WABetainfo, the application would not only be thinking of implementing message editing in the mobile application, but also in the WhatsApp Web version. This undoubtedly fits like a glove for those users who are connected to the computer all day and carry out their daily communications from the web version of the app.

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As in the mobile application, in the web version of WhatsApp, the useful function is observed within the code of the software, so it should not take long to reach all users. Meta, the parent company of the application has not commented on the matter, so few details are known about the new function.

However, according to the screenshots revealed by WABetainfo, when you press the message you want to edit, you will be able to see a top bar with the option “edit message” and that’s it. Without a doubt, this new option will give years of life to those who love spelling and those who need a minute to carefully review what they have just said.


Images: WABetainfo

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