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Sony bets on cell phones

Sony follows through on its promise to step out of the comfort zone of consoles with the creation of PlayStation Studios Mobile Division.

They have been days of a lot of movement in Sony. Last week it raised waves by announcing the price increase of its consoles. This Monday starts it with an important expansion of its business model: PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, its commitment to mobile games.

The announcement was made in the company of the news that Sony acquired Savage Game Studios. This is important because, unlike other purchases, this studio is specialized in mobile games.

According to official information from the company, the goal of this new division is to take existing intellectual properties (IPs), to turn them into new titles. Thus, the idea of ​​this new group within Sony is “to create innovative and mobile experiences… that meet the high-quality standards of PlayStation Studios.”

It is worth mentioning that the PlayStation Studios Mobile Division will operate independently of the console division. The language of ‘mobile experiences’ might make some think that Sony is thinking again about betting on portable consoles, but it is more likely that it is just a way of clarifying that it hopes to go for experiences through portable technologies, not that wants to try a new generation of PSP.

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“I am very excited about what Savage is working on and am confident that they will deliver a high-quality experience. Our move to mobile, like our expansion to PC and live service games, strengthens our capabilities and our community. The purpose of PlayStation Studios is to make the best games we can,” said Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios.

Hopefully Sony will do better than other developers exploring the mobile gaming market. Comparisons are hateful, but Nintendo is proving that even the best IPs in the world can struggle to break into the mobile gaming market. The company failed in its original approach of offering paid titles and then had a lot of trouble creating the right balance between paid content and content. free to play.

For now, there is no confirmation about which titles are scheduled or which IPs are those that have priority for this new division. We will certainly be hearing more about Sony’s first mobile games in the coming months.

Images: Sony

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