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Son of Shakira and Gerard Piqué would have done a bad gesture to Clara Chía, say Spanish media

The Colombian interpreter Shakira and the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué are looking for a new owner for their house in Barcelona.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Gerard Piqué Y Shakira They are the protagonists of one of the most controversial separations of recent times.

This time, information about the details of how they cope with their current relationship does not stop emerging, since they are still united by their children Sasha and Milan, who would not be entirely happy with their father’s new partner.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué continue their work as parents and, each on their own, share time with their children Sasha and Milan.

With Clara Chía Martí back in Piqué’s arms, the children also share time with her. And that is what has now mobilized public opinion once again, which understands that one of Piqué’s sons and the woman from Barranquilla does not get along with Clara Chía Martí at all.

According to Spanish media, in the events that Gerard Piqué has attended with his new girlfriend and their children, you can see the youngest, Sasha, with little desire to smile and even uncomfortable sharing the same space with Clara.

This test would confirm that the child does not like her and “clearly” does not agree with her and her father’s love story.

On the other hand, some show media such as OK Diario have made reference to an episode in which the 10-year-old boy had to be convinced by Piqué.

After an hour of talk, so that he agreed to enter his grandparents’ house. This is a new sign that something is wrong and little Sasha does not hesitate to let them know.

The former soccer player and the Colombian singer have transformed their breakup into the most public one and to this is added the song “BZRP Music Sessions 53” that ended up detonating everything.

The repercussions of the hit not only raised voices for and against the former couple, but the new girlfriend of the owner of Kosmos also received hers.

Clara Chía Martí could not detach herself from the controversy and a few days have passed since she returned to show herself with Piqué, after having taken refuge in her parents’ house.

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